I have found out that if you want success take action and pay the price on worth sustainable ideas and worth sustainable ideas are what reviews to you success is your birth right. A successful life or a rich life doesn’t come cheap; it comes with a huge price of sacrifice, that’s why most people are not rich because they are not willing to pay that price, if it was easy to get rich, everyone would be.

The bigger the idea or the dream you have, the bigger the price to pay to make that dream a reality. As abundance is our birth right, but to live that abundant life we must realize that we have the right to acquire that abundance, but you have to pay the price to acquire and live that abundant life; a few are lucky who are already born in abundance, but if not, you have to pick up that shovel and go pave your own territory.  

Most people just wish for abundance, but are not willing to pay the price to live in abundance. Therefore, stop wishing, take action. Remember also that you may pay the price, but if you pay the price on wrong negative intentions, no matter how long you will harvest those wrong negative intentions, karma never misses target. 

Prices To Pay To Achieve Your Success

Wise Time: You have to spend time wisely; you can’t spend your time on foolish activities and expect a successful life time. If you waste your time on activities that do not enrich your life, its wasted life-time forever. All success is time used wisely. Life is a project, run it at a profit.

Relationship: Why date a person poor at heart if you want to become successful? Why marry a person who you know will never support you to become successful with your life? Why spend time with people who belittle your dreams and ambitions? All success roots from positive relationships, empowering relationships. You become the people you associate with the most, if you want success, make sure you pay the price to spend more time with people who want you to become successful, and who are successful already. You must pay the price to find a successful environment that will empower your life to become successful. Life is too short to live in poverty. 

Success Information: You become what you read; you cannot entertain negative information in your mind and expect a positive life. What you feed your mind is what your mind gives you back. You become what you read; the reason why an employee becomes an employee is because most people go to school to read information that makes them become employees, and so is an entrepreneur, reads information that makes them become entrepreneur.

So is watching too, you must watch films that empower you and listen to audios that empower you to success.

You become and you are now who you are in life because of what you have and read now, watch and listen too; if you want success sacrifice your life on reading, watching and listening to successful information and ideas. If you listen to idiots, you end up an idiot too. Your today life is a reflection of what you have read, watch and listen too.  

Think Success: Successful people are successful because they think success, and a poor person is poor because he thinks poor. You become what you think; your life is a reflection of your own thoughts. If you want success, pay the price to think successful, and stop entertaining poor thoughts in your head. Success is a thought so is poverty a thought. 

Money Spending: You cannot spend money on foolishness and expect success. You must spend money on ideas that empower your life today and future. You must spend your money on assets that feed you not liabilities that eat you. Spend money on activities that empower your life and others lives too. The difference between rich from poor people is what they spend their money on; rich people spend money on activities that empowers their lifetime while the rest spend money on activities that disempowers their lifetime along the way. If you want success, you must pay the price to spend your money on activities that empowers your life. And also, invest your money in what you love doing, your talents.   

Willing To Fail: Failing and being a failure is not the same. If you want a successful life, you must be willing to fail, those willing will learn from failure and move on to win better ahead; those not learning from failure will remain failures and those not failing will remain failures. If you want success, you better be willing to do whatever it takes, willingness is the price to pay, that willingness to take risks. And you must be willing to be criticized if you desire a successful life.

Failing is part of success, and you must be willing to pay the price of failing if you want success, failure to which, you are not read for success. Be willing to fail, and be willing to learn from failing. The good news is that, what if you don’t fail? Just take action, failure is a way to winning.   

Mentorship: “The shortcut to success is mentorship” said Daniel Ally, founder: The School of Wealthy. Find a person who has already done or achieved what you want to become, and let yourself be mentored, be helped and supported to become that which you want to become. Be willing to pay the price for mentorship, but also don’t just look for a mentor, be willing to support your mentor in areas he is unable, and you will be mentored perfectly.  

Delayed Gratification: Pay the price to delay gratification. It’s not every idea that happens or will happen when we want it happen there and then. It can be very difficult to learn to delay short-term immediate self-gratification in favor of a greater long-term reward. Some things require more time to happen, and that’s the price you must pay for that more time. Patience is the price you must pay if you want a successful lifestyle. “No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant”, said Warren Buffett.

Zig Ziglar said, “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win and expect to win.” If you want to live successful, the only way is to pay the full price for that which you want, short cuts leads only to destruction and stupidity.  Remember that your action is the evidence of your faith you pay on your ideas to become life. Success price is what you pay; living successful is the value you get.

“You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing”
– Andrew Jackson