People are not happy because their successful, their successful because they are happy. You never find lasting happiness in what you do if there is no love; that’s why you find employees who do work for money instead of the love of work, they blame, and complain a lot about their jobs, employers and the environment too more especially if there is less money paid or they are not paid on that actually time.

If you love your work, you will care for it and work on it with love. If you are happy, you say I love what you do, you will do it with or without money, and that’s what truly defines a person who says I love what I do, not just saying I love what I do when there is money.

That’s why you will find that most employees there first priority is not a job, but money, how much will I be getting, what’s in it for me; and lack of love for what we do is also one reason why productivity in most companies is not well performed.

“I still enjoy doing what I do with or without money, I still do it”, I Maradona Chalwe. Success is not a way to happiness; happiness is the way to success. “Don’t aim for success, if you want it, just do what you love and believe in and it will come naturally” said David Frost. “Doing what you love will make you a winner” Said, Donald J. Trump.