Remember that ‘Wants’ also will define the vision of your life that will lead you to create that life you have really wanted in your imagination. That’s why it’s very important to have and take action on ‘Important Wants and not Impotent Wants.’ Vision is a two way road and video too.

For example poor people have poor ‘Wants’, their poor ‘wants’ is what create their ‘poor vision’ and that repetition of doing a poor vision everyday is what keeps them getting poor ‘Wants’ in their lives. Middle-class people have middle-class wants, their middle-class wants is what create their middle-class vision, and that repetition of doing a middle-class vision is what keeps them getting the middle-class ‘Wants’ with their lives. Rich people have rich ‘Wants’, their rich ‘wants’ is what create their ‘rich vision’ and repetition of doing a rich vision everyday is what keeps them getting rich ‘Wants’ with their lives.

So is living our lives on purpose is a ‘Want’ too, that’s why some people live their lives on purpose and others don’t. Make sure your ‘Wants’ are ‘Important’ if not, you will end up living ‘Impotent’ wants.       

You see its going for rich ‘wants’ that inspire, motivate and makes you live a rich life, I don’t know if going for a poor life has ever inspired, motivated and make someone rich before, but not for me. A rich life is a result of ‘rich wants’.

Since 2009, I made my mind I wanted to become a writer, an author, and my vision of becoming an author was a result of my want; I worked on my Wants day out and night in, and today I am an author, I write articles, books, I run and teach others too to be, do, have and share their wants to their world.

If what you want inspires you, you can have it. Just always go for what you want for your life, not what others tell you to want; it’s your life and your wants, only you will live them, no one else, but only you yourself.  

“Its wants that motivate people, that inspire them to reach a little higher and run a little faster…sell a little more” said Linda Proctor, author ‘Earn it and enjoy it.’