The problem is that most of us are not and have never been aware of this school-system incompetence on our minds just from the moment we entered school through to college; this incompetence we are taught in school of not depending on ourselves, never even taught to become rich or wealthy, but only taught to depend on others for example the religion, government or the employer.

The incompetence of school-system on us humans is that we are programmed from childhood to mind other peoples businesses and ignore our own businesses. Many people from earlier childhood up to date are not aware that the school-system’s purpose is training students to become obedient employees and obey policies that make an individual to become a slave of a few people, the rich. Maybe this photo will give you a glimpse of the purpose behind the education-system?School-system is there to create and produce human-robots for labor, who have no guts or authority to change the instructions and commands of a system like the teachers, police officers, soldiers, nurses etc. Moreover, the rules are made by the rich and for the rich. A school-system is a human-programmer system, it’s a system created to control humanity for the benefit of a few people who control the school-system. School is not there to benefit everyone, but a few people, the ones who control its system, the rich, the government and religion!

A person who is programmed by other people’s thoughts has made himself a human-robot. Remember that school is fundamentally training ground for producing workers for the rich. School should be there to develop minds, not replacing and dividing minds, as it does. This is the incompetence of our school-system.

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My advice is wake up spiritually and mentally, don’t just follow because it’s what you have been told or found is all been done, be curious, don’t just follow all is said, you will end up all is said. Put your mind to work, not to be worked by someone. Don’t just go to school to learn to work for someone else; and this is the number one life mistake school puts in student’s minds.   

Point: Don’t go to school to learn how to work for someone but go to school to study how to work for yourself. How you can buy the company or job. You should not develop the skills for someone to use you but you to use your skills to enrich yourself and also learn to use someone to work for you.

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