The problem is that the big things that matter most like the big successes, the big dreams, the big accomplishments comes with making the big mistakes, often falling big, losing big, that’s what most people are afraid of and never attempt to go for any big goal in their lifetime; moreover with that fearful mindset, they just remain average ordinary people and continual achieving shoddy and uninspiring ideas and goals.

Many people are afraid of greatness and comfortable with being good and no greatness has ever come from being comfortable. Greatness comes with taking risks, but comfort has no risk, and those who seek comfort always live average lifestyles. And there are only 4 types of failure people in this world;

Those Who Don’t Make Mistakes: In fact serious ones. If you find a person who doesn’t make mistakes, I am pretty sure you met a ghost, a dead one. Everyone makes mistakes in this world.

Those Who Don’t Learn From Mistakes: If you meet such a person, this is an idiot, why fail to learn from something you caused by your own self. The wise and the successful always learn and grow from their mistakes and others too, the fools and the unsuccessful often never do, that’s their not successful. Mistakes are stairs to success, but many people don’t learn, that’s why we have so many unsuccessful people in this world. Often these are the same people who don’t learn from their own self caused poverty.

Those Who Aim Low: Life is big, infinite, full of abundance and unlimited opportunities, then why aim to experience a cheap life, this is all mediocrity. “Don’t fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail”, said Bruce Lee.

Those Who Give Up On Their Dreams: How do you expect to win big with your life if you give up what’s already yours? Give up your own dreams. Remember you can never when in someone else’s dreams, only your own dreams. Many people give up, never even test their own dreams, never get to be, do, have and share what they are meant for on this earth, that’s why many live meaningless and unexciting lives. Your life is your own life, not your jobs life. Begin to live your own dreams. And the beauty is that everyone has got their own dream. No greatness comes without your life, live your life.  

Therefore to become successful at anything worth achieving with and for your life, and for others lives too, it is worth making some mistakes in order to learn to make that ideal right in reality. It’s through making mistakes that we get to learn more and grow more, become mature more and wiser more.

The idea that mistakes are bad is a bad idea, and school trains students that mistakes are bad, that is a bad ideal way of training students. That’s why majority of school students are never successful with their lives, simply because they never fail and never learn from their own failures. Just never run away from mistakes, face them, and learn from them, grow from them, and become a success from those mistakes. Learn to learn from your mistakes if you desire big successes.