1. I Work Hard for My Money;

The majority of people think that they must ‘work hard’ for their money. This forces them to grind unnecessarily.

You don’t have to work hard for money, but you must let money work for you. Money is never hard to come by if you can attract it.

Instead, say this: Money easily comes to me from all directions. Money comes to me freely, frequently, and easily!

  1. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees;

This person is basically stating that they believe money must come from only one source, which is an erroneous thought that many people have.

Instead of thinking that you can only get money from a particular place or person, believe that it can come from anywhere.

If you want to become a millionaire, you’ll most likely need multiple income streams. In order to do this, you must expand your thinking.

  1. It’s Too Expensive;

This usually happens when a person meets an immovable price.

The truth is that the price you may be seeing is exactly the limitation that you need to overcome.

Prices often separates most people from achieving their goals. In other words, if the price was cheap, everyone would have it and no one would work for anything.

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