My definition of a boss is ‘being – owner of – self – success’ or ‘being – originator of – self – success’, but it also depends on the size of your idea. Some are a small-boss because they operate on small businesses or small ideas that employee themselves, one or a few people, while others are big boss simply because they operate on big businesses or big ideas that employee many people and systems to work on them, that’s why to become your own boss depends on the size of your mindset idea or thinking.

The difference between a small boss and a big boss is a small boss is has been employed by a business, if he is not working the business is not working, and stops bringing in income too, so to keep the business running and income coming in, they have to continual working. But a big boss, business owner, employs many employees even if he is not working, people remain working for him and income still continual coming in, for example Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote, Jack Ma, and many big business owners who have employed 100s and thousands of employees to work for them.

Remember that if you want to become your own boss, understand that those who know ‘what and how’ will always work for those who know ‘why’. The people, who know why they exist on this earth, take control of their minds, their birth right gifts and help more people by creating more jobs and more opportunities for many people that actually qualifies them to become a big boss for example Donald J. Trump American Presidents he owns big businesses, but has left his companies being run by his children, family and employees while him is busy running the American government.  

Others examples are Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Robert T. Kiyosaki and many more big bosses out there who operate big businesses and ideas.

Therefore being a small boss or big boss depends on the size of the idea in your mindset. Who you become with your life, depends on the size of your thinking, think small become small, think big become big.     

Myself I have chosen to go for big boss simply because the problem with being a small business boss is that you are small in everything, your business is small, your thinking is small, your production is, your marketing is small and both your income and business income is small, and all your success results you get will always be small success.  

Small Boss or Big Boss, Choose Who To Become?