So is anything you want too or desire to become, you can become that. My desire was to become a writer, I gave myself more time to become a writer and you are reading this article now. If you want to become successful at anything worthy having for yourself, you definitely need to have more time with yourself simply because success is not something you get, but something you become. Success is a personal issue, that’s why you will need more time with yourself if you desire to become that successful person.

If you want to understand yourself, you definitely need to have more time with yourself. To achieve any great success you definitely need more time to understand those things that have made those great men and women you aspire to become. Moreover, to become successful, you must be willing to know what makes great men and women great as said “Know everything you can about what you’re doing”, said Fred Trump the father of Donald J. Trump American entrepreneur billionaire.

You will need more time to think for yourself – as this is the key secret to become successful with your life; the only way you can get ahead in life is to think for yourself.

You will need more time to research, study, sacrifice and practice those findings and activities that makes successful men and women become successful.

Your personal success life is not something that comes by being told what to do, what not to do, work with that one and not that one, think about that and dream about that, No! Success is a personal issue, it’s doing what you want to do, doing what is right for you, be or work with who you want to work with, think about what you want to think about, and dream about what you want to dream about. And this can only happen if you have more free time with yourself, and your life-time.

The reason why the rich are getting richer is because they have more time to think, plan and live the life they “WANT”; while the poor and middle class people give more of their time to others through seeking safety and security in jobs which actually today are the greatest road block to a successful life but to a pretending successful lifestyle, for example middle-class people pretend a lot. And also many people are seeking safety and security in relationships or marriages that’s why so many people are giving up their own life responsibility, self worthy life-time and power for the sake of having a safe and secure relationship, which actually is useless. One’s life is not another’s life, why give your life to be controlled by someone else?   

Today dependence of a safe and secure life of one’s life on a job, government, spouse or other people is an old story. What if you get fired from a JOB? or What if you get sick? You cannot expect a successful lifestyle by giving other people your mind, your power, and your life-time, in fact a few people out there, for example to be thought for most time by a job or employer, government, spouse or other people; success does not come like this; you need more time with yourself, more time with your life, and it’s in having more time with ourselves that’s when we will realize how capable more and abundant we are with our lives and others lives too.

We are in the self-management new age, we are no longer in the old ages, and so, things have changed, and those not changing are the ones in more problems today and problems coming ahead. The fact is if you want to build a successful lifestyle, you need more time with yourself to see what was, what is here and what is coming.

Whatever you desire or want to achieve, become and have, give yourself more time to invest in yourself and you will become that standard. It works to those who are willing.