All your employer wants is good college grades to give you a good job, lie?Your employer only wants your skills, abilities and your energy that will CONTRIBUTE to make his business become and grow more productive, maybe in the government were they look on what you have more, and less on what you do or can contribute, I mean the school degrees. Of course school grades will get you a job, but it will not be school grades that will do the job for you. For example, I got this from Facebook posted by a friend Jeremiah Buabeng, author of the book ‘Take Off’ and many other books, What Employers Really Want,

“Many people believe that acquiring certificate is the key to career success. So they spend all their time and energy pursuing that. They fail to think from the perspective of the employer. Employers, contrary to what many people think, aren’t interested in certificates as much they are in skill and value. Having a certificate is no guarantee of having the requisite skills or being able to contribute value to the organization. Your certificate will help get a job but it won’t help you to keep it. It won’t help to get promoted. Serious organizations don’t promote based on qualifications. They do so based on contribution. So don’t spend all your time just studying to pass exams. Work at developing skills that will make you outstanding.”

First of all, who works the school College Certificate, Grades or Yourself?

Remember with a right mindset, even though you have no certificate but have good skills, abilities, dedication and commitment and maybe some addition of experience necessarily for that job; people are getting jobs in serious organizations; today many employers have gone beyond the notion of college certificates as keys to getting a job, but today skills in reality are outweighing all. Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Mr. Robert Kiyosaki said that “In the near future, being an employee will be the least secure position in society”, what he means is that those believing as school certificate is the only way for future jobs will be greatly disappointed; today if you can’t perform well at a job even if you have an A+ grades it’s just a matter of time, you will find yourself at the least position in that company or in the process to lose that job. In reality of today performing skills are becoming more important than memorized theories of skills on paper.

Of course as I have said school passes will qualify you to be called for a job interview, but skills, performance, good attitude, and some experience will qualify you to get that job. The problem with many students is that more of their thought, dedication, commitment, money spending and mostly their faith put-in, are put in school-certificate papers, passing the exam, and less focus or effort on skills that will help them perform well at a job and win that job.

If you want a job, let your skills, talents, dedication and commitment be your certificate, because the goodness of such qualities is they are shown by actions, by reality and not by theory as a school certificate focuses more on. Let your faith to get that job depend more on your contribution skills on that organization and less on a school certificate. That’s why it’s advisable to get into school to do a or subjects you love from your heart, that will help you perform amazing skills with passion, commitment and dedication when you leave to go look for a job; but a few do that, many student’s vision is on a paycheck, so students venture in all kinds of subjects or courses even unwanted ones just in the name of going to get a job for a paycheck, that’s why today many students have missed the link of life.  

But always remember that a job should be taken as a means, a lesson, to help you to become self-independent, maybe rich, or help you build your own business or become an investor; but it’s a shame school never teach students such lessons. A job should be a lesson to long-term prosperity and education, but if you can do it without getting a job to learn to achieve your long-term prosperity and education too, then its fine go on and keep on going forward. It’s your skill that matters most and performs on the job and not the school grades or papers, always remember this if you have a job. Education means learn to become a lifetime learner; being educated means be a lifetime learner.

I have worked with some number of international and local organizations for example SkyHigh Institute for Success, UNICEF, and UNHCR etc, not because of school qualification, but because of my writing, teaching and research skills I invested in myself for years when I was no longer in school, today am author of books and articles and owner of not because of school, but what I invested in myself as I have said after I left school.     

Focus more on learning contributing skills, practicing those skills more and developing a good attitude too; these two paths will drive you a long way at a job and any project you engage yourself in.

Moreover, motivate yourself by building on the skills you’re good at. Improve yourself by learning the skills you don’t have. And always remember that a job is a means to an end, not an end to a means. And also this, you can have a chain of degrees but if you can’t perform to contribute at the organization you work at to the maximum of your ability, intelligence, and creativity, then expect the list from that organization; well, at the end of the day, contribution outweighs all.

It’s the amount of contribution you offer that matters most at a job, and you will be paid according to your contribution, not a school degree or a MBA!. The law of compensation pays you according to your contribution you offer at the job.  Polish and improve your skills.