Entrepreneurship is more of controlling your emotions towards yourself, others and circumstances. Entrepreneurship is not letting circumstances or employees take control of your emotions. It’s not about letting the outside world take control of your inside world. Entrepreneurship is about more of spiritual and mindset control and understanding of entrepreneurship skills, and sales and leadership are among the skills.                                  

Entrepreneurship means find problems and solve them, you become a problem solver; and entrepreneurship also means to have control of your life, to know who you are meant to be, do, have and share to lives in this world. Being an entrepreneur does not make your life easier, but it gives you more option with your life to do and work on many important matters of your life and others lives for example sharing love through products and services.

“Entrepreneurs don’t sell products and services; entrepreneurs sell love through products and services” – Maradona Chalwe

The biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur is that everything begins with you and ends with you. You might employee someone or work with someone who has a good idea about your company or business progress, but allowing that idea always begins with you and if the idea works or does not work, all the fault falls on you. The reason why most people don’t become entrepreneurs is fear of taking that responsibility that comes along with being an entrepreneur, and the biggest problem of being an entrepreneur is solving problems. Entrepreneurship is taking full responsibility of both the caused and the uncaused. Entrepreneurship simply means becoming responsible.

Entrepreneurship is making yourself pregnant by your own self, that you have no man to blame for making you pregnant or to look up to a man to share responsibility to care for that baby.  

Entrepreneurs don’t blame employees or others for their failures; don’t find faults in others for the falling of their business or their life, they take responsibility for their failures, for their own attitude, actions, mistakes, and their life in general. They understand that if they blame others for their failures, they give those they blame their power, responsibility and worthiness. And actually any person, who blames others for their problems, never learns anything worth that can make their life progress or change that situation for better. Entrepreneurs understand this that;

“It’s not what happens to me, but what I do to what happens to me, that’s what happens to me” – Maradona Chalwe

That’s why you will find that an employer, who understands himself, often knows the weakness of his employees and the majority of employees their weakness is lacking money mindset; that’s the reason why majority of people who become employees, there greatest weakness begins with wrong beliefs about money; in short their problem which is lack of money; which has made them to fear big ideas to make money outside employment, and the only predominant belief many people have been conditioned from childhood is that, the only way you can make money, is through a job; that’s why entrepreneurs create jobs because they understand that majority of people only make a living and survive through a job or jobs. That’s why I said being an entrepreneur is to become a problem solver, and jobs are a problem today simply because few entrepreneurs are creating jobs, and the world needs more entrepreneurs who are problem solvers, who can solve that global unemployment problem of today.

Many people aspire to become entrepreneurs, but it’s not as easy as seen or told by many, once you venture into entrepreneurship pot, you realize that it’s not just about making money; it’s also about making yourself, growing yourself and others too. As said it’s about solving problems, making others lives better and all that must begin with you and must end with you. It’s all your responsibility, of course others will help you to make things happen, but all responsibility will still fall on you.

“Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies” – Mark Zuckerberg. Every decision your company people will make or you will make, whether it works or does not work, it’s all your 100 percent responsibility, no one to blame, that’s what you must realize if you aspire to become an entrepreneur, already entrepreneurs understand this. “Everything begins with you and lands on you”, this is the law of entrepreneurship.