I have discovered that most people are not in a queue of successful people because of these things below that I have noted that they don’t have or they have but they don’t exercise.

  1. Being Careful

Paul said watch out don’t live like fools. Make the most use of time. A lot of people have lots of areas to touch, hence they miss out success. Many walk and do things without a concern. They don’t care about whatever they want to do. And these are one of the most dangerous people; if they are your friends, escape.
In our time, everything seems to be plenty good but not everything beneficial and not everything is constructing. So if a person just welcomes everything, troubles will come.

  1. Awareness

Very few people begin to note about he dangers of what is coming out soon. Continuation has killed lots of people. Life is like sickness it has signs and symptoms of what is coming next or is going to out so that quickly they change who they are to take care of themselves but they don’t pay attention to the signs.

  1. Realization

The question of ‘where am I going?’ ‘Why this is happening to me? What is this situation telling me to be and do?” is very important. No man can succeed without realization until you come to sense that what you do, study is not what successful pursue otherwise you will come out as bad person.

  1. Initiative

People say there are no short cut to life, oh yeah but not to me because life doesn’t have only one way to find the answer because initiative does. The problem is that initiative is not taught. If a door is closed, ask yourself is there another door? If something is not there to use, ask yourself what is there that remains to use so that until you make it. Initiative is a shortcut to success.

  1. Assessment and Evaluation

Only successful people have time to reflect what is going their lives, how they have been living or working to see what measures they can put in place become a better person. Losers don’t care about who they are, what they do and the results they get, and yet they want a better life when in fact they don’t realize that ACTION = RESULT. Successful people always assess and evaluate how they think, what they do, how they dress for them to get what they want and live a purposeful life

  1. Improvement

Changing life is not as easier as growing older. People celebrate New Year but they keep on thinking and doing the same things. They are always with the old ways. Improvement was easy everyone should have been better. The grow of man is in upgrading his life to new levels.

  1. Acknowledge

Accepting that what you have done is wrong or you are responsible for it is very difficult for many people. Many people take blames of others for their own failure instead of accepting that it was their own fault. And many leaders of today do not accept the wrong things they have done they think all their ways are right when in fact they might be so deadly. Some people don’t change because they are unwilling to accept the views of other people.