It’s true that once you accept one way, or one process as the only way to experience life, you are in trouble, and in addition you have become obsolete too. It has been historically observed by Eric Hoffer that, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”, and this is what is happening today for those still in school, believing they will have a good job after college, only to find they are only peanut butter paying jobs or no jobs at all.  

Life has many ways to experience it, and a job is not the only way to experience a successful life. A job is just a conditioned mental belief many where programmed unconsciously either at home or at school, mainly from our homes in our childhood. We either watched our father or mother each day wake up early in the morning, embark on the journey to a job, with a company uniform or vehicle, and they come back let afternoon, and you thought it was the only way, and so it became your belief, and you ended up growing up into adulthood with such a belief. And also what our parents did or did not do, plays a great role in our lives, in our adulthood.   

This job-belief is taught so early in our lives that most of us have ended up to believe that they is only one way, one answer, one process to make money in life, and that is through a paycheck. It is this limited belief we have accepted as our only way, and that has become reality for most students today when their other millions of ways to make money; but the trick with the nature of our minds is this, once the mind believes in something false, it will find all reasons to make it a real; reason being, the mind does not differentiate between what is true or false, it only makes reality what you believe in or feed mind. 

So, by the time we are adults, our subconscious-mind has taken on that false belief, turned it into an absolute truth. A job is a belief, because it’s not the only process to become successful in life. Truth and beliefs are not the same. Truth is a universal principle and beliefs are personal made opinions that actually keep on changing as man keeps on evolving his mental-capacity. Beliefs that worked yesterday, but you might get surprised today that they are no longer working. Truth is eternity or infinite, but beliefs are finite. Facts are evolving findings and truth is infinite.

The mind does not differentiate between what is real or unreal, but only gives you back what you believe in or focus on as real even though it’s not real. Someone once said, “Once a person believes that, something is true, whether it is true or not, he then acts as if it were. He will instinctively seek to collect facts to support the belief no matter how false they may be. No one will be able to convince them otherwise unless, through person experience, study or research, they can change.”

  • School is not the only place you can go to acquire knowledge of things you want to do or the life you want to live; in fact more important knowledge is learnt after you leave school. Life is richer outside classroom.  
  • A job is not the only way to make a living or a good life, in fact depending on a job to make a good life is an obsolete way today. There are better ways today, and entrepreneurship is a better way.

New generations have come and have passed, we just keep on reacting to the same school and job belief without questioning them, and it has been said that if you don’t question what you do, you will not understand it, and you won’t even change it. As a parent, if you don’t question these job-belief believed to be the only way to a good life by majority, this same cycle will continual as a family tree or family culture even when we are seeing this high raising of unemployment in front of us, caused by our school system and in short we will never break this cycle of slavery job mentality; and neglecting such issues is what is and has been contributing to this high level of poverty and unemployment today. We go to school to become slaves for the rich.

There is no problem in getting a job if it’s for a right reason, for example empowering yourself to learn knowledge of how to start your own business or company, raising money to fund your own personal dreams; but this is the intention of the few bold people, the majority it’s the opposite, and that is, to have a job for a paycheck, that’s all.   

What we want more today; today the world needs more entrepreneurs who are in control of their own lives, who create jobs and more opportunities for others rather than more employees who look for jobs, wait to be served and told what to do by a few others. Majority still believe a job is the only way to make money, only way to make a living, only way to make money for taking care of the family.  But not entrepreneurs, these guys believe their millions of ways to make money, millions of ways to make a living, millions of ways to do things and that’s why you must understand that a job is not the only way only today, things have changed, entrepreneurship is the way today, business is the way, network marketing is the way today also.