When you hear that they is unemployment in a certain community or country, just know that there are only unemployed set minds in that community. Unemployment is a programmed belief in students or people’s minds, and that belief has ended up becoming real in majority of people’s minds when actually unemployment it’s self is a false belief. Truth is mind believes everything true or false as true, simply because it has no power to differentiate between what is real or false; mind’s job is only to make ideas or thoughts become real in physical reality, that’s all minds business; but the only one who has that power to differentiate between what is true or false, it’s you your own conscious self, if you are conscious.       

We have no shortages of jobs in this world, but lack of innovative thinkers and doers, lack of great leaders, and lack of many entrepreneurship or business thinkers in our communities. The problem is that our societies are fully packed by school trained people, who are only trained for jobs, and not trained job creators. Moreover, jobs are mental conditioning; unemployment is a mental cause, caused by man, not God, and unemployment can only be end by man himself who started it.  

Unemployment simply means the universal principle of the “law of Use”, is not working according to the way it is meant to work. In summary, unemployment is lack of utilization of our God given creative power, gifts or talents within us. Unemployment simply means not appreciating what you already have within and around you now.  

Most governments are busy lying to people that they can end unemployment, which is a lie. Government can never end unemployment through the philosophy of creating jobs on its own, but only one possible way that I have used myself, “Only an individual can end unemployment at an individual level, and that is through realization, utilization of our gifts or talents within, plus financial education”  off you overcome unemployment.

The Native Indian proverb puts it clear here that “If you are given a gift and you do not use it to serve other people, it becomes a curse”. So you mean what we call unemployment is just self caused curse? YES please. If no one can give you a job, create your own job; you are already born with that ability to create your own job, your own life fortune within you. All you need is to realize your talent or business idea within or around you, then develop it, and then bring it to the market place and sale it, make money, and continual the process again, but it will depend on you how long the process will take to begin to work for you.

Everything begins with you and will end with you to work for you and your community. Just remember that they is no such thing as unemployment, but only unemployed belief programmed minds in our societies, and get this point too, a belief is not a guarantee that its truth, and a belief that worked yesterday can change today, and if you want to end unemployment you must first unlearn that unemployment belief and relearn yourself with employment belief, and that is realizing that everything I want to make a living, a lifestyle I want is already in within me, not in school, not in a government or any other person to give me the lifestyle I want.

“The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material things; it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination and our faith in the future. That’s the magic of a free society everyone can move forward and prosper because wealth comes from within” said author of “A New Birth of Freedom and It Remains Insightful and Pertinent” Mr. Steve Forbes.

Everything you want for a successful life, is already here, within you yourself, just look inside you, you will find it. In truth the world is yours, was made for you, awaken to this truth.