If you live in a free world, then, they must be no reasons for you to ask permission from someone else on how to live your own life; or ask someone else on how to use your own life-time. But most of us have pissed that responsibility and opportunity away and have let other people, in truth, a few people to control us as if we were born their robots that do not even think at all, but only controlled. Many of us we think it’s normal to ask someone this societal common question;

What do you think I should do with my life? 

But this is not a normal question to ask if you want to live your own life, and additional problem is that people ask such a question to people who don’t really know who they are, who don’t really know what they want for their own lives, in short, who are not even living their own lives, and if its children who have a little control, it’s even more worse, for example majority of parents who are employees end up advising their children to become an employee too, and we all know an employee minds an employer’s dreams; and if its school worsen, simply because we go to school to be trained to become employees, meaning people who mind other people’s dreams or business.    

Many people are living other people’s lives and dreams because of such a question of “What do you I should do with my life?”

No one has a right or authority to plan how you are going to live your own life, in fact it’s being insane, why let others plan your life when you have your own mind and your own body. But people have a got a right and authority to plan your life if you allow them to do so, and if you don’t also plan your own life too. If you are not minding your own life business, you are definitely minding someone else’s life business. If you don’t take control of your life, someone else will, that’s how it is.    

Ok, This Is Worse To Employees

Straight truth for employees; if you are an employee, remember that you have sold part of your life, lifetime for money or a paycheck, that’s why you keep on asking for permission to do the things you want to do during those hours at a job from your employer, when you are suppose to do them anytime you may want to do them.   

As an employee to get a leave from your job, you to have ask for permission for that leave; other employees lie that their sick just be given a sick leave when in reality maybe they just want to watch Telemondo, ZeeWorld TV or Football at a local beer pub.

If its women employees, they have to get pregnant, then ask for permission when it’s nearer to give birth. Others it’s just a funeral that makes them go on a job leave. And others because they have been programmed already for a job, there are subconsciously used already to never go on a job leave. Remember that the company or the employer is always in control of some or most percentages of your life and your lifetime; and moreover time is life and life is time.     

I am one person who likes mostly doing my own things, my own thoughts, I have evaluated myself already and being an employee for someone else I would not fit, in fact I have been a lousy employee before, have been fired by own In-law before, and fired again from a second job, third one I had to plead, and this time I prefer working on my own helping my world as an entrepreneur. Letting someone making a plan and controlling my life, it makes me feel I am not responsible for myself, and indeed true it’s not being responsible for myself. And when you are not responsible of yourself, then you are not responsible for your own life.

I love traveling, meeting new people, parting, reading, writing, Teaching, in short doing my own thoughts and living my own life, and of which to perform all these activities I require plenty of my own time and permission from myself to permit myself and not to get permission from someone else of which it is actually impossible from someone’s perspective to let me do all these things when I am working or minding somebody’s else ideas, business or dreams.    

We are here to live a life of our own “Free will” not others will. Our own thoughts, not others thoughts, more over life is just too boring to live it under other people’s permission as it is too long and boring working on a wrong job. God has given you and me a ‘free will’ to how we want to experience our own lives including the consequences that roots from how we have chosen to live our lives.

But some people have given up their own “free will” and wander why their life is so boring, unexciting and miserable. As long as you let other people control you, tell you what to do for your life, you will never know how capable and worth you are capable and worth to yourself and your world. Self-worth means living your own thoughts, choices and opinions, which means living your own life.  

Your life deserves more than opinions of others on your life. Why see and treat yourself worth less when your creator created you with infinite worth power within you. Why let others permit and tell you want to do for your life when it’s your own life? But don’t be like most jerks who think they know it all that they fail to take no advice from others. People, who live their own lives think for themselves, evaluate words from others, not just following the crowd mentality. Some people claim to want to live their own life, while their just following lost crowd mentality, many young people fall into this trap.    

And, complaining and blaming employees, why leave an average life of complaining and blaming the company or your employer when things are not well or not going fine at a job when you even have that capacity to build your own company, build your own business, become an investor; become an entrepreneur. Complaining or blaming never paid rent. Let’s stop thinking average life of complainers and blamers, we humans we are more important than a job, we are the highest form of creation. We have the ability and capacity to create any life we feel like creating. We are creators, whatever we think we create, good or bad, we create it, and it happens on ourselves.

In fact, why live average when your Creator never made you average, but the fact he created you with your own “free will” to choose how you want to experience your own life. Truth is, you where either programmed subconsciously average by your family, society or you programmed yourself because of your own ignorance of not knowing who you ‘are’ and who you were ‘meant to be’, in short Dr. Robert Anthony author of “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Confidence” said, “Up to now your greatest problem has been ignorance of who you “are” and who you were “meant” to be.”

It’s high time you become fully responsible of your life permission, not others permitting your life. It’s time to become who God created you to be, do, have and share as Earl Nightingale once said, “I am going to treat me the way God meant me to treat me.”  The American Rap Musician “T I ft Rihanna” sang a classic song you must listen too “Live your life”, so you should take that road to live your own life as Robert Frost also said, “The road not taken, you have yourself to blame.” Live your life, it’s your free will to either live your life, or leave your life to others.

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Let’s take control, responsibility, meaning taking permission to permit our own lives; it’s our own life, no one else’s. You and I are here on this earth to live our own life.

I leave you with this question: If it’s a free world, why then ask for permission to live your own life?