It’s the same what we call recession, that’s just mindset caused and can be solved by what caused it, that is financial preparation, if it had to happen. Its truth about health too, you don’t have to get sick in order to become health, so is preparing for your future financial freedom your health too. You wonder why rich people get to become richer even during the period of what we call recession time.  


Is because they don’t believe in such an illusion as recession, they believe in the abundance of the universe, abundance of their thoughts to make reality what they want, and most important believe in preparation; preparation of their future financial independence, preparation to have all good they seek and prepare for the unexpected happenings. Financial independence can only be achieved by preparing yourself now, to get financially educated now, start planning, work, build and invest in  your own business now, in the present now, not when recession or problems hits you.

Nature seasons have a very great lesson for us humans, but few people have learnt to prepare to learn from the lessons each season brings.

If cold-season is around the corner, people prepare themselves by buying warm clothes, warm bed sheets, warm bed covers etc; so if you don’t prepare yourself for that cold season, you might end up being the coldness problem yourself; and this is what happens to many people when the recession hits, as it has, the unprepared panic and the more they panic, the more they end up losing more money, properties, jobs, businesses etc; reason being, they never prepared for that season. Begin to prepare for bad times and you will only know good times.

“Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later” – Proverbs 27:12, the bible

That’s why rich people get rich in recessions, why? Because they prepare themselves, as Stuart Wide observed; “In bad time, the rich usually get richer.” The supply of universe is always unlimited and no man can have it all and finish it all, it’s as abundant as air, we all breath same air but nowhere on this earth have ever heard we have shortage or running out of oxygen.

Remember Life is what you accept, be careful what you accept, for example all such talks, or news from people, the government, and the media that there is a shortage of money, resources, jobs, or opportunities in the country or the world are just lies and illusions to keep you being controlled. “There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough”, said Grant Cardone, author “If You’re Not First You’re Last”.

Mother Nature provides not only enough but abundantly, wastefully, lavishly resources, but the only limitation or lack is only the limitation of our thinking, our little faith in the universe, in ourselves and in others too, and most importantly not preparing ourselves for that good life we want to happen to us.  

All the resources you ever want are within your reach to acquire them, but it’s your own responsibility to reach and have them, not other people but you yourself, and also begin to prepare, plan and work on your financial life, prepare for the unexpected, the rich usually get rich in bad times simply because they prepare for the bad times. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, don’t get caught unaware, life is a season.