This article might feel offensive for some friends, family membersand other people especially for those who are still believing and teaching others to look for pensionable jobs when in reality pensionable jobs are fading away like no man’s business. Many people are now rushing into the government where they still believe that pensionable jobs or social security still exist, but it doesn’t, and rushing in the government simply because they is a pensionable job is a sure  waste of time and your 40 years of your lifetime too.  

These words might seem offensive for others as I have said in the beginning, but this is a plain truth and fact in these days where a job is becoming worth less and less, and with this high cost of living, taxes being raised time after time, inflation going through the roof like no mans business, jobs disappearing and also rapidly being replaced by robots; we better awaken our minds, things were not as was in our grandparents industrial age periods. Get this point; job security is a joke today, and “In the near future, being an employee will be the least secure position in society” said Robert Kiyosaki.  

If it’s the government Jobs of the today, the retirement age was extended from 55 years to 65 years, not for your own benefit, but for you to pay your grandparents and parents pensions, and also, for you and your children to continual making the rich become richer and richer. Your pension contribution plan is not there to benefit you, but to benefit the rich guys more. In fact a pension plan is designed to steal employees wealthy. More often employees have 90% chances to build big businesses and become rich, but majority of them don’t know that a salary is capital to become wealth. A paycheck was designed to bribe an employee to forget their own dreams, and most employees don’t even know that a dream is wealthy.   

The truth is that many employees spend 30 to 40 years of their own lives ignoring and neglecting their own dreams, life-time and purpose on this earth, but only following and minding a few people’s orders, dreams, goals, and life businesses, example of such are an employers, religion, government and schools businesses; mind you all these systems are man-made systems, and this implies that most people are busy following other people’s long old made belief systems.  

They is no problem with getting a job if you get it with intentions to learn, to have knowledge on how to build or run your own business, to raise some money to make your dreams come true, to raise money to build your own cash flowing investment assets that will help you become financially free; but that’s not the intentions for most people, majority it’s a paycheck job intentions. For many people a job is an end to a means instead of a means to an end. For many a job is a way of my life instead of a means to a way of the life I want to live. That’s why it has been said, a job is a short term solution to a long term problem. 

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Getting back to the pension issue; so this means that those majority of people in the government jobs like teachers, police, nurses, accountants just to mention a few, spend half their entire lifetime being acted upon, thought for, and controlled by jobs and few people who are controlling the government business and its politician employees? Yes please.

And not only limiting this to those in the government employment, but including those too working for other organizations or people too outside the government system, the private sectors.

The problem is that you spend half of your entire lifetime planning and working hard for money, for the rich, for someone’s company, your employer, and other people too like your children or spouse in general family; instead of planning and working hard to make money work hard for you, build up a company or business or cash flow investments that will work for you, and importantly work to make your family independent from you. Life is a game, but working hard half your entire lifetime minding other people business is playing a losing game, a share waste of lifetime game, a game that has been leading many people to a loser’s life. Most employees have patience to work for 40 years for a pension, but no patience to just work on their business for 4 years to become financially free, this should make your mind wander now.

Majority of Employees Think The Same

The other problem with most people who aim for retirement package is, they have baseless and impotent lifetime dreams and goals; each day I learn one thing about an employee mentality, it seems 95% of employees think the same; they think that when they get that pension money, it will be a lot of money. It seems 95% of employees are in the same line of thought, all most people who dream of a retirement package only think of buying or building a house, buy a car, start a little business they even don’t know about in details, have not even researched or planned about that business, and have no passion for it, but simply because they have seen their neighbor doing the same business, and it looks its running fine for thy neighbor, and so, they too, think they too can do the same business, maybe you just have to wait and see where business takes them.

Majority of people think a car, a house, a pension is an asset, but wait and see after they retire, that’s when they realize that what they thought was an asset when they had a job is there greatest liability. All such results is the caused by impotent goals, failure to plan our future wisely and lack of financial education; as the “Author and “the trademarked pitbull of personal development and worlds only irritational speaker” Larry Winget said; “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy or stupid. Those are the things that happen when you don’t have a plan”. This is what is happening to majority of retirees today.

Get this fact, your cars or houses are not assets, their liabilities, they continual taking out money from your pockets, from your bank account; through house repairing, taxes, water, electricity, gas, land bills, not forgetting food and children expenses even after retirement. Most of us we don’t see it, we are taxed when we are born, taxed where we live, taxed at school, taxed when to eat, taxed as an employee, taxed when to travel, taxed when we drink, taxed at church and taxed when we die; and most people just want to remain, become and live average employee lifestyles. Please you are not here to pay bills only; you are here for an extraordinary abundant life. The fact is, the truly rich don’t live on salaries; they live on their capital, being their investments, the cash flow, and businesses. So when the politician says we are taxing the rich, they’re not taxing the rich, their taxing the high wage earners (the middle class people), there are not truly taxing the rich who understand the system. Keep this in mind.

This is why it is very important to become financially educated, because you will understand what the true asset and a fake asset is, and this education is especially needed for employees and our leaders. It has been said that the poor and middle class people build and buy properties that eat them, but the rich build and buy properties that feed them; and the poor and middleclass are the majority in this world.

Another problem for most employees is that, when they get retired from a job, they also retire from life; they think that’s all from life when they retire from employment. Moreover to retire means to expire, that’s why main retire from life.

My Desire Is An Abundant Life, What About Yours?

Remember that what you settle for stays with you. Why settle for average when you can be phenomenal? Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the gate keeper of your destiny. Shut the door to ordinary and open your life to extraordinary.

Point is, our government is broke and in more financial problems than ever before, and believing or rushing in the government as a safe zone simply because there is a pension, is a snake zone, a sure way to a losers life. Today pension jobs are becoming history, a myth today, but the problem is that school stills trains this obsolete history when we are in the new story.

Life is now, and failing to make a plan for our life now is sure way that our future will be a failure too. Why leave your future to chance, in someone else hands, when you are the one who is going to live it.  The only day you have to take control and begin to plan of your financial life is now; working on your financial plan for 4 years cannot be compared for 40 years working at a job for a peanut butter pension. Let’s get serious with our own lives, than just leaving our lives in the hands of people who really don’t even care for our lives like majority of politicians and religions. Don’t wait for 40 years, your life is now and your own responsibility, take control of it now, not after 40 years when you are old. life is a project, please run it at a profit.