The greatest centuries findings of all ages has been, “You become what you think”. As it has been said that you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. Cheapness is mindset, so is expensiveness too. And also what many people don’t think big enough about is that having a job for survival just for a month as a WAY OF LIFE is a symptom of small thinking and laziness in thinking; your employer knows this already, that’s the reason you work for him or her.

Many people work hard, but don’t think hard, which actually is the result of mental laziness. And the greatest torture for many people is to think; moreover some people would rather die than think.

Rich people don’t work ‘for’; they work ‘with’ and make others work for them. They work as partners or business associates. Working ‘for’ is being a slave for somebody. Working with, is working as a team or interdependent teams, as partners, as business associates with other companies or individuals. This is the mindset of the rich, the wealthy people.

Our attitudes are the reflection of our lifestyle, and if a person has a small attitude which actually means small thinking, their lives will actually be of small lifestyles, of cheap lifestyles, and of poor spending. And if one has to overcome a cheap lifestyle, first one has to realize that I have a cheap mindset. Why realization? Because realization awakens you to your true reality and if you are willing to change, you must be willing to face your reality. You must realize that nothing great came from thinking small or thinking cheap, as said that you cannot have an advanced standard of thinking without first having an advanced standard of thinking. All begins with thoughts.

Your only limits are the levels you settle for. Being rich is attitude, so is being poor an attitude too. Money will not make you rich, but your habits towards money is what will make you rich or poor. Rich people are rich because they have rich habits and think big; while poor people are poor because they have poor habits and think small. Being successful or unsuccessful is an attitude, and your attitude is what reflects how you think, and how you think is what your lifestyle reflects.

Africa And Second Hand Thinking

Why settle under your means? Accepting cheapness, why letting poverty takeover you?  Why settling for poor habits of buying cheap and second hand gadgets, vehicles from China or Japan, and living in a chicken coop houseetc, these are all poor habits most people in Africa have been subconsciously raised with, that act upon them unconsciously and they wander why many people are poor in Africa.

Read President Kagame Speaking At The Launch of Volkswagen Mobility Solution In Kigali City, Rwanda. This is what Africa needs today, not as it has been garbage dumping for second handed clothes, vehicles and dead Aid that is will never be enough for Africa, but only making many people lives poor and poorer.  

Let’s expand our minds, nothing big or great has ever come or will ever come from thinking small and cheap. You might not have now or not living a big life now, but if you are thinking big now, your thinking will begin to attract opportunities and people to help and empower you to live that big life you think about. Begin to think big, your thoughts become your lifestyle.   

What your mind settles for is what you attract, create, become and get. What you settle for stays with you. Why settle for average when you can be phenomenal? Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the gate keeper of your destiny. Shut the door to ordinary and open your life to extraordinary. Think big, abundance is your birth right.