First all we must understand that they is no such thing as job-security,but only mental manipulating you at the company you work for that lie to you that we have job-security. And in addition, they is also no such thing as a permanent job like most government employees in are lied to, how can you say you have been put on a permanent job when you will never work forever at that company or in the government work force. Job-security, permanent job, medical or social security, all these are just jokes, a story, a myth today.

Our security has to come from trust in ourselves, not from external like bullet bouncers of modern life – the right college degree, working for a company that offers good benefit, or even working in the government where nobody gets fired. In today’s rapidly changing world true security can only be found in ourselves and in our ability to admit what we don’t know, learn, take control of our financial life and thus grow from any situation.

Most of us are so enamored by the idea of security that even when unhappy with our jobs, hate our jobs; we will stay with them, day after day and year after year and years after years. The truth is that staying in situations, which are unsatisfying only, increases our sense of insecurity. Why would you even stay in such a situation when their millions of ways and ideas to work on, that will make you happy and satisfied with your life.

But as long as we have been trained in school to just do as we’re told and not ask any questions, we can never be much more than robots, totally dependent on others to provide us with a place to work and a paycheck at the end of the week. Be awake, we are no longer in the industrial age period were people used to sale their labour for a money, today robots and technology is rapidly replacing human labor, human labor is cheap on the market place now, and cost of living becoming more expensive due to inflation. 

Your government is broke, in big financial problems, and you say I want a job with security in the government or company? Come on, let’s change our thinking, things are changing everyday but still our thinking is remaining the same. It’s time to starting thinking with change, the past world has gone.