Of course school is important, but it’s not the only way to a successful life as many have been brought up to believe, in fact out of 10% school can only contribute 1% or less of your life success. Academic schooling is very important to training people to read and write and professional schooling prepares students to become employees in the cooperate world, but it’s not important when it comes to make you successfully self-actualize and utilize your own potential genius within you for your own benefit, but only to benefit a company or an employer who gives you a job.

And get this point; many employees use their creativity, but that only ends up benefiting and making rich their employers and employer’s dreams, not themselves. The problem is we send kids to school to only be prepared to work for the government and a few rich people, and not themselves for their own benefit. And if you want to become financially wealthy, school is not the best place to for you; simply there is no financial education to make you become wealthy in school. School does not teach you who you are, what you were meant to be, do, have and share on this earth; and school does not teach you how to make your own money, but only to work for money in the cooperate world as an employee.

You can still make it successful even if you have not gone to school, all you need to do is just find someone, a mentor, a real model to teach you, who has or have been where you want to go and learn from them. You can learn anything today without even going to school or through school, there is even internet today, unless you just want to become an employee, then school is for you. The fact is this; school is just a ticket to qualify a person to become an employee for the government and a few rich people.

The problem is that most people go through life allowing other people, the environment, and circumstances control their lives and decide for them how to live and what to do with their own lives, and school and religion is among on the list that does that.

And we have the same people who have chains of diplomas, degrees and PhD’s on the top list, are the ones even criticizing, degrading, and condemning people who have not gone to school or college that they cannot become successful, because they have not got an education, but not realizing to date that the world’s richest people never went and never even finished school, simply because they never believed in what many people in society still believe as “School is the key to success”, but they learnt something different that school never teaches students in classroom to date.

It’s a shame that school to date still teach students that their losers and winners in life, this evil system of teaching that when a student fails an exam or makes a mistake in school, then that kid is a loser and or stupid, and that student will never make it in life, that’s crashing kids spirits, and many students end up and have ended up becoming losers of life in reality when their even millions of better ways to living a successful life outside school that is a million plus better than the school training system.

Like I have said, it’s a shame that school till date has been teaching for many decades to condemn and degrade people without schooling, crashing their enthusiasm and potentials that it has caused so main brilliant ideas that can transform the world for better to fail to be brought to reality, because of this obsolete ideal belief that “School is the key to success”, when this is biggest lie of all times today, quiet ok if you want to become a successful employee, then school is the right place.  Remember that the biggest lie of all time is that you have to go to school to live a successful life.

Currently, the world is full of people with chains of diplomas, degrees, masters, PhDs but remain in the chains of ignorance while they are schooled but still experiencing poor, miserable and uneducated lives. You don’t even need to go to school to become rich or live a successful life. All you need is to just learn to read and write as I said academic schooling is important, then learn the principles of a success from someone who is already successful in what you want to be successful at, learn principles to help you bring out your education from within, and education simply means to bring out that genius within you, and share to serve your world, and get or learn financial education from a person doing better than you, from a wealthy rich person, a person who is already were you want to go.

And you can learn all this through success books, attending seminars, through studying the history of successful people who have made it rich in life, and follow what they did. Especially books, as they say books are people, so you should ready personal development and entrepreneurship books that will inspire and motivate you to manifest your greatness within, build businesses and share it at a large scare to reach as many people as you can reach out there.

Not everyone must go to school to become successful in life. Moreover school is not a human right, but a human choice. Some people don’t fit in the school system, it only crashes and wastes their life time and opportunities. Some just from childhood just needs to begin to doing what they are meant to be, do, have and share on this world, you don’t expect a talented musician or footballer to pass through grade 1to grade 12 up until university to become a successful at their own talent, why can’t they just learn from people who are doing it already, who they are seen doing it and just play the game.

And you don’t even need a school degree to serve lives or make people’s lives better in your community; it’s equally with me I never learnt how to write articles or books in school, I learnt all this outside school classroom through my own independent research and practical writing through reading, studying and interviewing people who are already doing what I wanted to become, and here I am serving lives through this website you are reading this article on here.

It’s not only school, their millions of ways to experience a meaningful and successful life; and everything for a successful life is already within us, you just need to learn to look inside yourself, and I love what Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love”, find your good life within, it’s already within you and share it to your world. School is not the only way, you are the way.