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What Stops You From Becoming An Entrepreneur?

When others are taking the leap of faith and succeed us entrepreneurs while you stay for months and years without ever having the gut to venture, to begin your entrepreneurship dream? Most people have dreams, vision, goals, desire, and a plan to become entrepreneurs, they know what they are supposed to do, but fail to do what they are supposed to do to become entrepreneurs? Here are the reasons why in this book?
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The 4 School-System Myths

“The 4 School-System Myths” book explains more why things that is a must should be taught to students, kids, in school is not not taught, and reasons are explained why they are not to our kids in the book. As not taught in school, Talent Realization, Financial Education and Self Spiritual Realization (Students are not taught to Know Themselves, but only taught to know what the employer wants at a job). Main ideas about living a successful life are not taught in school, and their is a reason to that why they don’t teach kids those success ideas that works whether with school or without school.

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5 Lives Your Child Must Learn

School is very very important, but its not up to date training kids the most important things that are needed most to living a successful meaningful lifestyle in this new world. The old World is gone, we are in the new world now, with new rules of almost every area of lives, and many kids are leaving school, college only to find themselves the life that was promised in school is not the life being experienced after school. School needs to change its old world of training students or kids in school, and in this book, has explained some 5 LIVES that school, parents, and churches must prepare their Students or kids for real life after school. And Important notice for parents, “Stop protecting your child from the future, instead begin preparing for the future”. Please enjoy The 5 Lives Needed to prepare your child for the future must learn, that are not taught in school;

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Knowledge To Riches 

If you want to become rich, you need a different kind of knowledge, and that  is  street  smart  financial  education  that  makes  the  rich  become,  do and live rich.


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