Maradona Chalwe

Names: Maradona Mwansa Chalwe

Born: 01/10/1988

Place: Kafue Gorge, Kafue District

Lives: Kitwe City, Nkana West Township

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Zambian

Education: Mwense Secondary School

College: Copperstone University College, 2009

Occupation: Social Worker, Marathon Runner, Blogger, Researcher, Writer, Book Author, Editor, Motivational Speaker, Education Entrepreneur, Contributor and Founder:

Author’s Books Present

What Stops You From Becoming An Entrepreneur

Knowledge To Riches; What The Rich People Do To Live Rich That The Poor and Middle-class People Don’t Do

The 4 School-System Myths; What Your Child Will Never Learn In School

The 7 Tools That Make The Rich Get Richer