All human experience is mental cause. To date, most people still believe life happens to them, they believe life circumstances just happen to them, but ignorantly not knowing any human circumstance they experience is their own cause and effect.

Many people are ignorant to luck; the definition of luck is “cause and effect”, many other people also think luck is free.Well what we call luck or chance is conscious creation, you will never have anything in life that you have never thought or believed you can have internally or externally. Luck simply means;

“Leaning – Under – Correct – knowledge”

Everything you have or attracting now or before in your lifetime is your own cause through your own thinking and feeling (emotions). Whatever you think and feel most, you will attract, create and become; if not yet it is just a matter of time it will be handed to you on your effect silver-plate. We are all attracting and manifesting something every moment of our lives weather consciously and unconsciously, but what a shame to those who don’t know because often they attract what they don’t want simply because they are mostly thinking about what they don’t want.

The fact is that living is both a conscious and unconscious thinking choice. And often what we don’t know is what kills us and keeps us poor. Many people are majoritically thinking negative thoughts everyday and wondering why their lives are miserable as not expected, but expected ignorantly. Everyone manifests something in life, but the problem is that most people are thinking what they don’t want, and what they don’t want is what their attracting, creating and becoming. What you think is what you get.

Remember that it might not necessary mean that luck only means “leaning – under – correct – knowledge” No!. Luck might also mean “leaning – under – corrupt – knowledge”.

That’s why most people are busy thinking poverty, lack, sickness, unemployment simply because there ‘leaning – under – corrupt – knowledge’, and their minds gives them back the kind of knowledge their leaning on as their reality. Get this, our lifestyle is our mindset. Think good thoughts to create good luck. Luck is a game of thought.