“Drop failure and manage lessons; drop the worst and manage the best; drop doubt and manage faith; drop lack and manage abundance within you, and drop blaming and replace it with reasoning and your days will be of meaning”

“Stop entertaining a losers thoughts and language concept, for whatever you think in your mind grows and turn into substance. Entertain the best, think the best thoughts only and attract the best substances. Think the best and you become and do the best. Best thoughts brings out creation of the best great minds”

“There is no lack with life. There is only lacking minds”

“Your enemy is not a person who hates you, insults you, beats you, or steals from you, No! Your enemy is a person who does not add and multiply value in you; if they add value in you, they cannot do the above to you”

“I have learn’t that indeed time can heal a broken heart; but it can also break down a waiting heart. Waiting and hoping in absence of replacement of important activities is a loser’s lifestyle. Don’t wait, engage with productive activities.”