“Welcome people to discourage you, but never let discouragement discourage you” – Maradona Chalwe

Truth is if you have a dream, a goal, or a vision and you don’t want people to discourage you, or people are not discouraging you, then your dream is an impotent dream. Maybe it’s what everyone else is doing, and if everyone else is doing it, then it is not a dream it is a society conditioned habit, for a job.

Great achievers did not stop discouragers to discourage them, but they never allowed discouragers to discourage them; the secret is they never let the discourager’s discouragement make them discourage themselves. They never let discouragement overcome their faith in their dreams. Dreamers who are discouraged by discouragers are not discouraged by discouragers; they themselves discourage themselves by accepting the discouragement from other people.

“Beware of no one more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies with us” – Charles Spurgeon

Remember that it’s not the dream discouragers, but how you respond to the discouragement that is what happens to you. It is what you allow to penetrate inside you that is what happens to you.

There is not one successful person who has not been criticized or discouraged. If you dream is not discouraged then it is an impotent dream. If everyone is encouraging your dream or goals then it is impotent. Welcome people to discourage you, but never let discouragement discourage you.

“A man is not so hurt by what happens, as by his opinions of what happens” – De Montaique