The main root cause of problems in Africa today are the errors, the errors that our first Fathers and Presidents neglected to eliminate because it was a young beast that moment, could not function the way its functioning today; it has grown now.

I hammer the nail on the head to penetrate inside most closed Heads; the main root cause of problems in Africa is the Negative Mindset (Negative Mental Attitude), which attracts or magnetizes Misery, Disease, Dead Aid and Poverty which has been our cup of tea for a very long period of time.

It is this Negative Thinking (Negative Mental Attitude) which has been the main or root-cause of Africa’s Conflicts, Misery, Wars, Genocide and Poverty. This same Negative Thinking (Negative Mental Attitude) has held us back from Sustainable Empowerment for many years and centuries and it will continue to be a Stumbling-Block in our path of development until we change it by replacing it with the opposite of that……..

What is amazing is that, with Negative Thinking (Negative Mental Attitude), even those people who do become empowered they ultimately retrogress and become disempowered if they have weak characters. African today crises are mental chronic past caused, not acute. African problems can be summed up in one word: Underdevelopment Mindset. Africa needs a positive mindset, to eradicate an old odder ignorance and the negative mindset.

“Ignorance is the odder of the day especially in most African countries.”

– Dr. Teddy Andrew Mulenga

This research study in this book is corroborated or supported by many other global people. For example, the US President Mr. Barack Obama implied it in his speech when he addressed the Ghanaian Parliament in 2009 and said: “Africa is responsible for its own Destiny and Africa can Achieve its Own Destiny with or without Outside Help.” But I wonder sometimes why Barack Obama and his government doesn’t follow these words he said, almost all politicians have become a bane to society.

Truth is, politicians have become a Bane to society like majority of Religion has become a Bane to society. Truth is, Political correctness discourages honesty. It places a higher value on making everyone feel good than on starting what we really believe. And also, stupid and ignorance are those who let politics control their lives. In short Politics means “Blood suckers” Ignorance and the negative mind-set is the secret that has kept most African people under mind development, and this what Europe used to keep Africa underdeveloped. 

The former President of South Africa Mr. Thabo Mbeki advised: “Africa needs a Renaissance” which means (i.e., a Positive Re-Birth or Positive Mind Re-Awakening).”

Rene Dumont, “False Start In Africa” the book above said; “One cannot after all reproach the Carolingians for having been what they were. In the same way, Africa cannot do better with its available cadres. Certainly, Africa is living through the “Childhood diseases” of independence, and they appear to be inevitable. But they will become far worse if the African leaders continue to ignore them, and make no efforts to remedy them.

Development cannot proceed until they relinquish their nonchalant attitude and do something about their ignorance of economic problems. Underdevelopment is not limited to Africa. The African situation falls in the more general framework of retarded economies. I will repeat several times that all decisions are and must remain in the hands of the Africans.”

Phillip Emeagwali, a Nigerian Computer Scientist in his Article, “Where is Africa Going?” said; “The potential for progress in Africa, above all, relies on capital generated from the power within our minds, not from our ability to pick minerals from the ground or seek debt relief and foreign assistance. Africa needs wise men and women who can discover, propose, and then implement progressive ideas.”

Frantz Fanon, “A negative mindset is the tabernacle of all that is evil.”

President Teodoro Nguema Mbasogo of the Equatorial Guinea wrote that: “There is need, in Africa, to overcome the savage aspects of our aboriginal ethic that are inimical or against plural political organization and human integration for total unity.”

The author of the book, “The Africans” – David Lamb writes: “Elections in Africa resemble mini-civil wars.”

Mwansa Maradona, i am said, “The problem with most African people and governments is, they went into independence with a dependence and negative mind-set; that’s why they are still underdevelopment mentally, economically and spiritually.”

The American Singer, Mr. Thomas Robert Kelly said it too that: “We have mistaken the nature of poverty and thought it was economic poverty. No, it is poverty of soul, deprivation of Gods recreating, loving”


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Maradona Chalwe is an Educational Advocate, Promoter, Teacher, Editor, Social Worker, Researcher, Author 7 Books, & Chairman & Founder: Rich Trainings Institute