1. Keep The In-Coming Contacts Positive.

  • Keep only positive connection.
  • Keep empowering your connections.
  • Look for empowering connections.
  • Send to your connection empowering information.
  1. Keep Your Out-Going Contacts Empowering

If one of the contacts wronged you don’t let them go with your anger or hatred together; just cut them out of your contacts and wish them a good buy. Hating someone hates yourself, be grad they taught you something through there danger lights. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows you. And business goes on.

  1. Continual Connecting

Continual searching and connecting empowering contacts every day. Empowering connections create great businesses, relationships and opportunities.

We are in the connection world. Today connections are businesses, marriages are connections, jobs are connections, so is dating a connection. People cause businesses and get jobs through connections for example on social media, beer places, churches, sports clubs, in traveling buses or taxes, markets, business meetings, places of work, weddings, etc.

Important Connection Point: Stop looking down on people as if they can never become somebody like you are today. Great connectors and communicators don’t do this; they always see potential, look for something interesting in each person they meet and focus on that good. Today good connectors and communicators are the ones having businesses and opportunities. Become a connector.

“Your network determines your net worth”

– George Fred