Most people have been taught to believe and live what they know, and this belief and living of what they know is what keeps them stack in an obsolete lifestyle. Most people’s lives are meaningless simply because they only have the skill of what they know, fewer who have the skill to seek out what they don’t know. It’s my observation that people who become the most successful with their lives are those constantly adaptive to new changes, and these are the people who have learn’t the skill of constantly seeking what they don’t know.

Opportunities will often pass those who only have the skills of what they know, but stay in those who have the skills of seeking what they don’t know. People miss opportunities when they are not aware of what they don’t know. When we are not aware, opportunities fly over us.

Intelligent people are constantly seeking skills to know what they don’t know; fools are constantly skilled to use what they know. ‘Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance’, Proverbs 15:14.

“Intelligent people work to serve, fools work to be served. Intelligent people work to solve problems, not working for money”

– Maradona Chalwe

“When the student is aware, the teacher appears”

– Buddha.

Be willing curious to learn from life and willing curious to adapt yourself to new circumstances change. Today its knowledge that makes people successful and ignorance that keeps people poor. Be a being that is ready to learn. True living is willing to seek the unknown and adapting the change.

“Conceited people can never become wise, but intelligent people learn easily” – Proverbs 14:6