The insanity I have found for most people is saying I am killing time; only unsuccessful people say I am killing time; and that implies that they have nothing worth and important to do and live for with their lives. Every time is an opportunity to progress yourself, but only the successful people can admit this; while the poor people are busy killing time, that’s why their poor.

“You cannot kill time; you only kill your life and your lifetime opportunities in the name of ignorantly saying I am killing time” – Maradona Chalwe

Only ignorant and poor minded individuals kill time, wise individuals invest time in success activities and conversation. Its only the aimless, unsuccessful and worthless people you often hear talk about “Killing time”. The man who is always killing time really is killing his own chances in life; while the man who is destined to success is the man who makes time live by making it useful.

“You posses as much of this precious commodity as the richest person in the world and yet you may not realize how wealthy you are”

– Arnold Bennett & Arthur Brishane