Recall this point, that there is a difference being a mother or father and parent. Mother or father gives and supports a child with outside needs; food, clothes, a job, school, money; in short mothers and fathers focus on feeding and giving outside a child. And also there two kids of dads in this world;

  1. The See Kind Dad: says “I want my family to have everything I can give them as long as I’m here to see it.”
  2. The Have Kind Dad: says “I want them to have it whether I’m here to see it or not.

Back to the point: Mothers and fathers are materialistic giver and motivator. They judge by what you, not who you are as a human being; but through judgmental of the materialism gadgets you have like car, house, job, family you come from, title or status, clothing, money, etc. There is nothing wrong with having such materials, but there is something wrong if you get defined by what’s outside yourself instead of what’s inside yourself where a true being roots.

“Some mothers and fathers place high value on money and possessions. The child identifies with this and is imprisoned by a materialistic lifestyle, which demands that he struggles and strives for material success. Later in life the child often marries for money and pays a very high price for what they get.”

Mothers and fathers are one sided coined people who say “I want my family to have everything I can give them as long as I’m here to see it”, while a parent is both sided coined person.

A parent does not see a child as a child, but sees through a child as a person who should contribute to the world what he or she has, than just getting from the world like a child supported by a mother and father.  A parent focuses first on inspiring and supporting the genius, talents, abilities, potentials, self responsibility, self confidence and creativity the child has within and second motivates outside the child’s potentials from within to serve as many people as they can reach to the world.

  • A parent searches for potential of a child within and inspires that potential to bear fruit to the world.
  • A parent empowers self confidence and self responsibility of life to bear fruit in a child’s life.
  • The parent understands and is spiritually awakened that it’s not the materials I leave for my child or children, it is what I leave in them, within my child or children whether I am alive or not.
  • Parents empower, inspire and motivate genius within a child to reach as many people us they can reach in this world.

And it does not mean you need to marry or have children to become a parent, no! Everyone can be a parent with or without marriage, with or without a child, with or without a job, with or without religion etc. A parent is an individual who inspires, empowers and motivates genius in other people, that’s a parent. Even a child is a parent if he can inspire, empower and motivate genius in other people. Shammi Sukh, said,

“Whether or not you have children yourself, you are a parent to the next generation. If we can only stop thinking of children as individual property, and think of them as the next generation, then we can realize we all have the role to play”

Therefore a Parent Dad says “I want my family to have everything I can give them to have whether I’m here to see it or not.” As Thomas Edison said; “When a man dies, if he can pass enthusiasm along to his children, he has left them an estate of incalculable value.” A parent is both a mother and a father, while a mother or father is just a mother or father. So the question is;

Are you just a mother?

Are you just a father?


Are you a parent?