In a colony of 500 African frogs, 100 extra-ordinary and ambitious frogs set themselves a goal to climb to the top of a communications tower which was 200 meters high. There were loud shouts of discouragement from the remaining 400 frogs calling the 100 ambitious frog’s names like:

“Who do you think you are humans? Remember that you are only frogs! F.R.O.G.S – Frogs!”

But the 100 frogs just kept on climbing in spite kept on climbing in spite of these repeated shouts of discouragement. After 2 hours, 99 out of the 100 frogs had completely failed to reach the top of the tower, and only 1 frog had successfully climbed to the top of the tower. When that 1 successful frog came down from the top of the tower, it came down to a hero’s welcome. There was a lot of excitement from that frog’s well-wishers. The frog’s excitement could only be likened to the human excitement which was there when the first human beings landed on the moon in 1969.

Immediately, this excitement caught the attention of human beings, who at once sent their news reporters to the frog colony. The human beings wanted to know why this 1 frog succeeded where the other 99 frogs failed. But no sooner had the human news reporters started to interview that successful frog, which had climbed to the top of the tower, than they discovered that, that hero frog was actually stone deaf. It could not hear anything other than only understand sigh language. It did not, therefore, hear any those shouts of discouragement and that was why it succeed to climb to the top of the tower of 200 meters high.

Point: If your goal is positive and it has benefits for you and other people, believe it whole heartedly; work towards its realization; never be discouraged by anyone and you will succeed.