In a similar vein, research done many years ago which investigated the lives of fighter pilots in World War II, determined conclusively that, contrary to what you might think, many of the pilots who “played it safe” during the war, were among the first to be killed in contrast. By way of contrast, the study also found that, practically without exception, not only refused to “play it safe”, but they were the greatest risk-takers throughout the war.

Point: Indeed, as one has the opportunity from all walks of life, it soon becomes evident that whoever “plays it safe” in life, dies, and dies relatively young. For although many of these individuals remain “clinically” alive for numerous years, when their hearts finally cease beating it is a mere formality, because the truth is, they have never really lived.

Shared by Maradona Chalwe from the 1984 Published International Bestselling Book by Bob Proctor, “You Were Born Rich: Now You Can Discover and Develop Those Riches”