If you often meet unsuccessful people and you wonder why you meet such people when actually you want to meet and associate with people who are successful. Well, it’s you who cause such people in your life, not them, and if you want to change the kind of people who you meet in your life, you must be willing to change yourself first, not others but you yourself first.  How?

Everything and everyone you attract in your life happens because of the magnet in you, the magnet you. Human beings are magnets, they attract into their lives what they think, and what they think is what attracts liked minded people’s thoughts. You attract in your life people who think thoughts like yours. And if you want to change the kind of people who are coming in your life, you must first be willing to change the kind of thoughts you think in your mind.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever wondered why poor people associate and attract poor people, why middle class people associate and attract middle class people and why rich people associate and attract rich people? Why poor people live in poor compounds, why middle class people live in middle class compounds and why rich people live in rich compounds? Is because poor people think poor thoughts, middle class think middle class thoughts and rich people think rich thoughts, and those thoughts are what attract into their lives the people they associate with and the compounds they live in.

If the people and compound around you are not empowering you, it’s high time you raise your thoughts, you begun changing how you think, you begin thinking successful thoughts, you begun setting prosperous goals and begun doing what successful people do, and that will begin attracting to you successful people and successful people will help you to raise your standards so that your life will elevate to a rich compound and live like rich successful people live; as said that you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking.

If you want to attract quality people in your life, you must first become a person of quality first, and that is through thinking and doing quality things with your life and for other people’s lives too. Thinking creates and attracts all in your life. You become what think about most of your time. Your thoughts are powerful magnets, think good thoughts and you will begin to attract good people in your life.

When your thinking changes, your world changes. Your lifestyle is your mindset, you begin by changing your mindset first and things around you will begin to change too. You are a living magnet, and you attract people in your life who like minded like you. As you think so shall create, become, have and share to your world. Be that change first. “Those cannot change their minds cannot change anything”, said George Bernard Shaw.

“We attract to us things and people who are like us, and we repel or push away from us things and people who are totally unlike us” – John Harricarn