Everyone coming in your life is coming to heal you. But often people who are not aware to such words tend to let people hate them and leave with the wounds that probably most of them go to the cemetery with. Whether someone comes in your life and disappoints you, is there to heal you, which actually means to empower you, awaken you to something that you never knew in that experience, to make you stronger, mature and wiser than you were before.

Experience is the best teacher if you are aware that everyone coming in your life and happening is coming to heal you. Most people have let past bad experiences upon them from other people make them bitter today instead of being better today. It’s how you respond to what happens to you, that’s what happens to you. And also there is nothing like a bad experience, only your mind makes it so.

Some people have relationship disappointed, others divorced, some have learn’t a valuable lesson from that experience and have ended up finding a more perfect partner again, while others have moved out of the relationship with bitter thoughts and memories and have ended up finding the other partner with bitter thoughts and memories too; get this point; you attract a relationship similar or equal with the kind of thoughts and memories in your mind. Your relationship is the reflection of your attitude.

Everyone coming in your life comes with two reasons for your life, and these are;

  1. To Learn Something From Them: Every person who comes in your life knows something you don’t know, and if you have an open mind you will learn something new from each person that could even make your life more prosperous.
  1. To Teach Them Something: Everyone who comes in your life doesn’t know everything, you know something that other person doesn’t know, and it’s your duet to teach, share some valuable and empowering information to that person.

Life is an education, a never ending learning process, only death is a separator of learning, and only people who don’t learn something new every day are unsuccessful and old people. Everyone coming in your life is coming to heal you, to empower you, teach you a valuable lesson if you are aware of these two steps and if we can have fun doing both, we could become very prosperous. Humans are learning creatures, and once they stop learning they become robots, and robots are moving monuments, and some people are in this world. Use these steps and make your life and others lives successful too.