You don’t like rules being made around you.

You like thinking and doing your own thought ideas.

You always want to see opportunities in problems.

You withstand pressure.

You face your fears.

You are creative and innovative; you are always looking for ways to improve ideas or projects.

The comfort zone is your enemy.

You are a risk taker.

You laugh at your mistakes.

You learn from your mistakes and others too.

You enjoy and appreciate life in whichever way it comes.

You are in charge of your life.

You are not social to all activities.

Employee or self-employed mindset is not your belief and aim; only being a business owner and investor is your belief and aim.

You don’t like to mind other people’s life businesses.

    You want to date or marry a business partner or a business minded person.

You enjoy yourself the way you are.

You are a business and personal development information worm.

Excuses, complaining and blaming are not in your vocabulary.

You are generous; you always want to share what you have.

You seek life freedom, not job security.

You like to win.

You withstand criticism.

You don’t wait for permission to do what you want to do.

You use leverage.

You think big and dream big.

You have a super vision.

You want to make a difference to your world.

You have long term goals and work on them in short term goals.

You want to build assets, not liabilities.

You want to create wealthy and having wealthy means having freedom.

You appreciate life.