Ted Coine asks you;

 If you were to die right now, what would you be proud of?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr asks you too the most Urgent life question;

What are you doing for others?

Mr. Bob Buford asks too;

As you work to carry out your dream, what difference will it make fifty, a hundred, or five hundred years from now?

Mr. John Paul Carinci author of Power of being different;

When it’s all over, all said and done, what impact will your life have had on the world?

Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist Leader:

The question is not what will happen to you, it’s what you are going to make happen?                                      

“There is a reason that you are still here. Be about the business of finding out why. Discipline yourself not to talk about what you do for a living, but focus your mind on what you are living to do. You have greatness within you.” – Les Brown