The greatest fear for the majority of the parents is to let their children make their own mistakes. The problem is here not mistakes, but the way our parents have been brought up by our society conditioning institute for example religion or church that making mistakes is a sin, in school if you make a mistake you are stupid and a bad kid, in homes you are not smart as your friend John who is an obedient boy. Remember none of these conditioning institutes think constructively.

As a child is growing it’s a must that child should make mistakes, in fact more whether you believe it or not. Getting to the point that the greatest fear for the majority of the parents is to let their children make their own mistakes. Parents do this simply because they are protecting us from not having a bad future; most parents have been brought to believe that kids who make mistakes cannot have a successful future, of course if you as a mother or father you don’t teach them to learn from their own mistakes.

“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time” – Chinese Proverb.

You were not born the same time with your child, so why using your time when it’s not your children’s time? As a parent you don’t need to protect your kids from the future, you need to prepare your kids for the future; and the only way you can prepare your kids for future is through teaching them to learn to take responsibility for their own made mistakes; to make your kids realize their genius within, improve it and share it to their world, to make your kids become financially educated, to make your kids develop a heart of kindness for the world, which actually means to make your kids develop their self confidence and become self reliant for their lives.

“A parent prepares a child for life; while a father or mother protects the child from life” – Maradona Chalwe

Parents prepare their child for the future; while a mother and a father protect their child from the future. Read an article Are You Just A Mother or Father – or Are You A Parent Too?

Remember that it’s not what you leave for kids, but what you leave in them. My late father left us a family of 4 with 2 houses, being taken to school, but that with life for my realization wasn’t enough, my father did that thinking that he is protecting us from future by leaving those two houses, what most parents forget to leave children is within; have you brought up your child with an integrity character or the opposite. Giving children a job, a school, a wife or a husband, a house is not enough, but what you leave in that kid’s heart and mind is what counts most even if you where no longer there when their growing up into adulthood.

“School protects us from the future too, and not preparing us”

The only way to protect your kids from the future is to prepare them for the future, to make them become responsible citizens of their earth and families. It’s better to prepare than to be protected, simply because when protection won’t be there, you will protect yourself. Don’t just protect your child from the future. Prepare them for it. Truth is, you either leave for your child a liability in them or an asset in them. But always remember that it’s not what you leave for your child, but what you leave in them.

“When a man dies, if he can pass enthusiasm along to his children, he has left them an estate of incalculable value.”

– As Thomas Edison