Employee (pay check) Taxes, Land (house) Taxes, Car Taxes, Water Bills Taxes, Electricity Taxes, and School fees; and the employees are the highly taxed people in every country, that’s why they get poor and poor every single month.


School loans, Car loan, credit card loans, house loans; this is all that makes people poor every single month; in short they send money to the bank via debt of their house, car, credit cards, and school loans. Good debt makes the rich every single month richer while bad debt makes the poor every single month poorer. And also schools are becoming expensive but wages are coming down and down, in the near future majority of kids won’t be attending schools, if school does not teacher financial education schools.


High cost of things which actually causes high cost of living makes the poor poorer every month. High rising costs of food, fuel, electricity utilities, etc, makes the poor poorer simply because wages are coming down but fuel, food electricity utilities are becoming more costly. In short they send money to food producers and power companies via inflation. Inflation makes the producers rich and makes the consumers poor.

Retirement Plan

The pension or retirement account or plan makes the rich richer. If you have a retirement plan, you are sending money to via retail and investments bankers and the banker sends that money to the rich people, and rich people use your pension plan via debt to build businesses and investments that makes rich and wealthy.