Savanna was a successful African farmer. One day, a wise man came along and told him all about diamonds.

That night Savanna went to bed a very unhappy person because he feared that he was poor. Savanna became obsessed with diamonds. The following week, Savanna sold his farm, his belongings and made provisions for his family and left to look for diamonds elsewhere. He looked for diamonds in other parts of Africa, in North and South America, in Asia, in Australia and in Europe but he could not find them. While in Europe, Savanna ran out of money, became depressed and a destitute and died.

Back home, a few days later, the person who had bought Savanna’s farm by the name of Zambezi discovered diamonds on Savanna’s former farm. In fact, the whole of Savanna’s farm was located on Acres of diamonds much bigger than the sensational Kimberly Acres of Diamonds South Africa, discovered in 1871, on a farm owned by the two De Beer brothers.

Savanna and his family members were standing; stretching; strolling; sitting and sleeping on top of diamonds, without knowing that they had diamonds.

Point: Success is not where you are but who you are, with a positive mind-set and integrity. Ralph Waldo Emerson says that; “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters when compared to what lies within us”.

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