A boy had a blind father and he liked to play football. Every time he went to play football his father accompanied him to the game, to give him moral support, even if he could not physically see him play. But the fact that his father could not see him play always bothered him and affected his playing. As a result, most of the time, he was only found on the bench, without playing. Suddenly, his father died.

After two weeks, there was a big football tournament in which his team was participating. As the game was extremely important to the team, the coach picked only the best players to play in the game. The boy was left out but after a long time of pleading he was finally allowed to play in the tournament. The boy played as if he was on fire. Every time he possessed the ball, he scored. His coach could not believe it.

As a result of this boy playing so well his team won the tournament. After the game, his coach talked to him saying that he had been so impressed by his superb performance and wondered what had happened. The boy explained that his blind father had died two weeks previously and this was the first time that his father was able to see him play. This is why he played so well to impress his father.

Point: In order for you to succeed and win, you should be driven and encouraged from within yourself by overcoming your challenges. This is self-motivation.