Being rich and wealth means creating value. Truly successful people add value to people and society, and respect, riches or wealth is their result. They understand that be rich is be responsible of society and nature, that’s why rich people give more back to society than poor – middle class people. And one reason why rich people get richer is they give more, and that’s why they receive more. Those ‘who give receive’, it’s a law of life.

Poor middle class people give little or none at all, that’s why they receive little and also that’s why there sources of receiving are limited. That’s why you will find majority of poor-middle class people have jobs; they are employees, only on the 80% receiving side.    

The rich are getting richer because their creating more jobs, more opportunities for other people, helping the society and government to create a better and driving the economy up through what God has given them, while the poor what to receive more instead of contributing more. That’s why I what you become rich, so that you can serve more lives; and the more you serve the richer you become. It’s only through serving others that we come to realize how rich we are born and understand that abundance is our birth right. Everything for a successful life is here, all we need is get spiritually awakened.

“If you give others a good life, you receive a good life on return”

Billy Cox said, “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.” We are only poor if we cannot stand up to serve a soul and our world with what we are born with already. If you desire to live rich, give, give and give more; and you shall receive, receive and receive more. Being rich means having responsibility to take care of your environment, so it’s your responsibility to give more and more to society, and society will give you more and more back.

I watched a video by Bob Proctor, in that video he said wise words that, “He who seek a greater life with getting as his objective, does not seek life in truthiness of spirit.” Which means that who wants to receive without giving, is definitely going to have problems, and this is the root cause of poverty, unemployment and a struggling life; because more people just want to receive more without giving more first. This is what causes man to have limitation to his birth right abundance, the riches and wealth within him.

Abundance is our birth right, but if you can’t give, share and add value with what you have now, abundance will be limited you. Among these guys are the examples that have gotten rich by walking their talk and many others too;

Robert kiyosaki: “Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes that money come in”, author of world bestselling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.   

Zig Ziglar: “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want” author of “See You At The Top”. Those who give with a cheerful heart will always have abundance.  

Great things, miracles can fully function only when everyone takes advantage of what God has given them to save themselves and others.