You can take abundance, share abundance, waste abundance, but still abundance remains.

But the only way you can have that abundance is by giving, sharing, and more will be given to you too. As you share, so you receive; and to ‘receive’ means ‘to keep’ or ‘to possess.’ Those who give more, the more of what they give is kept for them. This is a universal law.  

Those who give receive; but it depends on how much you give. The more you give, the more you receive. The little you give the little you will receive. Giving is governed by law, it’s a law. Receiving is a law too, and those, whose objective just wants to be receiving more without giving more, misuse the law of receiving and in a long run it hunts them down and leaves them in problems. That’s one example why beggars have nothing.

If you wish to keep love or possess love, share that love and the more you share the more you receive, and the more you receive the more you keep love. It is through sharing what we have that the universe gives us and keeps for us what we give. Share more of what you have, your time, your love, your money, your knowledge all this is abundance, and you will continue receiving more of what you give. Add value to people, and value will be added to you too.

Inspire people, and you will be inspired. It’s only what we give, that’s what we receive. Help people and people will help you. Zig Ziglar author of ‘See You At The Top’ put it clear here that, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

Its simple explained, but tough for most people to put into practice, simply because most people have been brought up to receive more instead of giving more. That’s why we have more employees than employers. That’s why we have more poor people than rich people; because employees are more on the side of receiving, poor people are more on the receiving side instead of on a receiving side where rich and wealthy people are.

Only through giving, we realize how rich and wealthy we abundance we are born with. He took abundance, wasted abundance and shared abundance, but still abundance remained. Those who give abundance, abundance is kept for them in the ‘infinite store house’ which is in the Heart. Share, share and share more; and you shall receive, receive and receive more. This is how the law of having and keeping abundance works for the rich or successful people.