Entrepreneurship is so much just said as a word entrepreneurship, but not knowing for most people that there different kinds of entrepreneurs; and here are the two kinds of entrepreneurs;

Transformational Entrepreneurs

These are entrepreneurs who want and change the world, transforming the world into progressive change. Entrepreneurs like Seth Godin a bestselling author, speaker, programmer and designer who are changing the world. People like the late Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, a great designer and innovator was also into category.

Educational entrepreneur and founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute Mr. Bob Proctor fall into this category as while. And also my mentor Mr. Robert Kiyosaki author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and founder of Rich Dad Education falls into this category to. Though a few are transformational entrepreneurs, some also operate both in the next kind of an entrepreneurship.

Transactional Entrepreneurs

These are entrepreneurs who are always in the transit to make money; on the want to beat their competition, drive down prices, and make that money. Most entrepreneurs operate into this category.

The problem of being only a transactional entrepreneur is that no matter how competitive you become to other competitors, they always be a competitor who will always be competitive more than you, who will drive prices down cheaper than you are thinking or you have done. The other problem is that it’s also over crowded.

Most people don’t want to change the world; all they just want is to go along with it, as long as their comfortable; and this how most transactional entrepreneurs operate; to drive down their competition, drive down prices, and make money.  I operate in both categories.