No one becomes somebody or no body without following something or doing something.

First; Decide To Become Spiritually An Entrepreneur

Everything we become with our lives begins by first making a decision whether consciously or unconsciously. Decision to become an entrepreneur is the first step. And entrepreneurship begins by becoming first inside. Goethe said, “Before you can do something; you have to be it”.

Second: Do What Entrepreneurs Do Mentally

Entrepreneurs find a need or a problem there are passionate about to solve that their society is facing, find a solution to solve it, and offer, serve that solution to that problem to as many people as they can reach in their community and the world at large either through a or businesses.

The reason why entrepreneurs get rich is that they solve big problems of the society that average person like an employee cannot, for example building businesses that create jobs.

“The problem with the world is not enough problem solvers. So, if you become a solver, you become rich” – Robert Kiyosaki

Have Physically That Problem Solution Into Reality.

This means that entrepreneurs work on the solution, prepare that or those solutions to how they are going to be presented, represented and distributed to their society on how it is going solve that problem. They prepare that solution carefully, productively and professionally; and then the next stage is;

Share The Solution To A Society or To The World

Entrepreneurs share that solution of a need or a problem through businesses, community works or voluntary works to their world. And the last stage is;

Rewards Come To An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are rewarded by the results of the solutions they offered to their world; for example rewards like being famous, respect, high positions, more business opportunities, money, contracts and whatever other rewards like I was once given a foreign lady, she accepted too years ago after giving a one week seminar on Positive mindset change and entrepreneurship training to different race people of 5 African country.

Someone said, “The responsibility of an entrepreneur is to solve a problem. Don’t worry about the money. If you solve a problem and seek out ways to serve more people and money will find you”.

“If you want to have a successful company, you have to learn how to solve problems of the society instead of catching one or two opportunities”

– Jack Ma, founder: Alibaba