Simple and straight to the point am talking about MONEY, one of my favorite topics these days. Anyway its everywhere, I mean a lot of people are looking for ways to survive and I mean literally survive. Many live to eat, rather than eat to live, whatever the case a lot of what we do today revolves around money, money to pay tuition , rent , contributions, buy food, fuel etc. the list seems endless, with most of it leaving our pockets while little or nothing returns. But there has to be some ways to help improve the situation or prevent a much worse fate than present. So am sharing 5 simple ways to make money, so I hope you will find them useful.

  1. Put those skills to use! Yes I mean your skills, I know of someone who uses his keyboard skills to make money. He tutors others on how to play the keyboard. Somebody else does hair plaiting and I see that a lot with the women within my area, so I actually don’t have to go far to get my hair done, if I did it myself I would look like I came from an 80s Vampire movie! Ok, just kidding. So if you have skills put them to use let them work for you.
  1. Make something. Some people are so good at making beautiful handy crafts. For instance, I met a young man who makes necklaces, animal craft and other interesting items that it’s so irresistible for art lovers like me to just walk passed them without admiring and sparing some money when I have some extra. When you visit some townships and other compounds, you will notice certain peculiar things that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere.
  1. Offer to do paying tasks. Again this is somewhat straightforward. Ok so we don’t really have a lot of dogs to walk here in Zambia, kind a not really a big thing here but you can do other things such as wash someone’s car, clothes, offer to baby sit or do house chores when they are too busy. Offer to run errands, mow the lawn or just slash the grass, there is so much one can do and get paid for the services. Just make sure it’s something you are comfortable doing and its safe for you to do.
  1. Become a social media expert. Ok so maybe you say you are too smart for any of these or you just think it’s not your style. No problem. There are a lot of people who don’t know how to get started with owning an official account on social media such as Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn or even Facebook (not a laughing matter here but you can smile coz you can make money! J). Others don’t know how to maintain or can’t do daily updates based on the purpose of the account, Oh yea with a joyful smile, it’s your chance! Offer to do it for them at a price.
  1. Cut down expenditure. So you are not interested in all the four above and you want to take more of a laizzes faire approach, then the best for you would be to cut down expenses. Yes, you read right, make money by saving it. If you were going to spend a certain amount for something you don’t even need, save it instead, more like you are indirectly making it by saving it. Yes it works, try it and see how much you would have saved in a month! Amazing!