Our school system teaches students to avoid making mistakes (being wrong) at all costs. And if a student did happen to make a mistake, at least he or she be smart enough to cover it up.

Remember that there is no success without failure. There is no progress without making mistakes. A baby cannot walk without failing; while we are taught in school that we can become successful in life without making mistakes. Only people with shoddy achievement are found in the school-system philosophy, but people who achieve greater successes are found outside the school-system philosophy of there is no problem in failing, but the problem is not learning from failing.  

This is where majority of people are today, not allowing themselves to make mistakes and thus blocking their own progress. The symptoms of this disease are feelings of boredom, bad luck, jealousy, hatred, envy, not learning from failure and dissatisfaction, although most of us never come to understand why we feel and act this way.

“There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures early in life” – Thomas Henry Huxley, 1870

The Abilene Paradox Jerry B. Harvey writes about the “Paradox of Paradoxes”, He explains the universal principles that “Unity is plural”. Just as “up” cannot exist without “down” or “man” without “woman”, a “right” cannot exist without a “wrong”.  

The point is people who can only be right eventually wind up being wrong. And people who are willing to risk, willing to make mistakes in order to discover what is wrong eventually end up knowing what is right.

“It is not possible to discover new oceans unless is willing to lose sight of the shore” – Lord Chesterfield.

The idea of school that making mistakes is a bad, is a bad idea way of training students in school. That’s why we are finding graduates with chains of Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, and PhD’s are failing to do anything worthwhile in our  communities like starting a business or opening up a company that can create jobs and more opportunities for many people simply because they fear to make mistakes, fear to fail, fear to lose money, because that’s what they have been taught in school to never make mistakes, to never fail; and with such an attitude being taught in our school-system is a symptom that students trained by the school-system will never do anything worthwhile for their communities unless he or she becomes aware, that mistakes are the keys to great successes, and if takes a leap of faith into action will know how valuable to make some mistakes is. Remember that nothing worth was achieved without facing some mistakes.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”

– Robert F. Kennedy