Most people are wondering why they are experiencing miserable and unexciting lifestyles; experiencing poverty, unemployment, sicknesses, and asking ignorantly Lord, why is this happening to me? Well, the question they should be asking is not Lord why is this happening to me? The question is, what is it in me am not doing that is causing me to experience such a miserable life?

Doctors found out a long time ago that people who live there life on purpose, utilizing there potentials and talents, experience meaningful and more exciting lives; while those not experience unmeaningful and less exciting lifestyles; though others may pretend for some time things to look exciting, it’s what they really feel inside themselves that is what makes a difference, and It’s just a matter of time, what is within always reviews its self to reality.

“To not find our gift is to reject the extraordinary deign of life”

Truth is, to not discover and utilize your potentials within is to create a burden to yourself and a great number of people too. By you not utilizing your God given potentials to serve a number of people is cursing yourself and cursing other who might benefit from your God given gifts; and till date many people are still ignorant about this truth.

“To ignore your talent, is to ignore other people’s talents too”

Remember, nobody wrote a plan to be sick, broke, poor and stupid; all this happens because of not having a purpose in life, and these curses are expressed such outcome conditions poverty, sickness, unemployment, unhappy jobs, indecision, unhappy relationships, crimes, jealousy, hatred, envy, inferiority complex etc; though most people don’t understand such. James Allen said, “Until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment.”

The Native Indian have a very phenomenon Proverb that says; “If you are given a gift and you do not use it to serve other people, it becomes a curse.” Remember, today a curse is self caused and it has always been a self caused.

Also, a talent unused is lost; that’s why most adults and young people are experiencing meaningless and unexciting lifestyles today, because they have ignored, neglected and abandoned to live there own life on purpose. Everything is fine on this earth, only man needs to be fixed.