The reason why the poor are poor and the rich are rich is the opposite reason between the two classes of people.

The Poverty People Opposites

P = Pauper Consciousness: Pauper means poor attitude or poor mindset. Pauper also means paucity. The reason why most people live in poverty is because they have a poor mind.

O = Obstinate: Obstinate means small mind or little mind.

Characteristics of An Obstinate Mind

  • Ignorance of mental and spiritual. This ignorance is what roots poverty, illness, miserable living, wars, and negative lifestyles. Anyone who remains ignorant has only his or herself to blame.
  • Limiting beliefs (You can’t do that, I can’t do that, or I can’t afford that) self limiting beliefs.
  • Fear of doing unknown.
  • Narrow mindedness (Caged thinking or closed mind).
  • Emotionally confused

V = Value Negativity: They may not say it, but their own thinking, attitude and actions tell more about them. They say action speaks louder than words. 

E = Expect Failure: You get what you expect in life. You cannot expect success if all you have been doing is entertaining negative thoughts. You get what you entertain in your mind.

R = Repel Responsibility: For their thoughts, attitude and action of their life caused. To repel responsibility is to have thoughts of incompetence, weakness, fear and inferiority that causes poor lifestyles and environment around our lives and others lives too.     

T = Think, Talk and Teach Poor Lifestyle: And think money is the root cause of all evil, and for sure money becomes evil to them because it becomes there self fulfilling prophecy. It is hard or will be hard for such mentalities to attract money, riches, wealthy because they think poor, talk poor and teach poor others too.


The Wealthy People Opposites

W = Wisdom: Means “Wis – Dom”. Wis means Wise, and Dom means Mind. Wisdom means being conscious of how things were, are and will become with your life.

E = Enthusiastic Mind: Enthusiastic people expect the best out of every situation they face. And enthusiasm means “In God”, abundance is our birth right, that’s why you should become and live wealth.

A = Authentic Self: Becoming and living wealthy is being real to oneself. Poverty is not being real to oneself.

L = Love: Love what they do, are passionate about what they do. “Chase your passion not your pension”, Walt Disney. I love how Dr. Lawrence Mukuka simplifies love us;

L – means – Lord (principles) first

O – means – Others second.

V – means – Value Positivity.

E – means – Expect the best in every situation.

T = Think Abundance, Talk Abundance and Teach Abundance You will find out that wealthy people’s children end up becoming wealthy too simply because they teach to think wealthy, do wealthy and live wealthy other people too. Wealthy people have a motto that says, “The riches I want for me, I want them for everyone”. 

H = Have A Health Environment

Have health relationships.

Have health financially  

Have health bodies

Have health emotions

Have health attitudes

Have health businesses

Y = You Are What You Think

And that’s what you become. Wealthy people understand that what I become is what I think.  You become what you think.