Thinking things will be the way they are today, is the secret to a losers lifestyle. Thinking I should be comfortable were I am, is a sure way to achieve failure.

Just some 20 years ago, we used to buy food, clothes, books, home stuffs, go to hospitals, hire a worker on the next door, even date local girls or boys, go to a local school; but not today, things have changed and are still changing rapidly that if you think things will as you want them to be, you are the next victim to idiotness.

Today every place you think of going in this world is just some minutes or hours away from where you are. You don’t need to take months to get to America when you are in South Africa like it used to be 150 years ago when they used water transportation.

Today we are even buying food, drinks online and delivered at your door steps just in minutes with a few bucks.

We are buy books, clothes, home stuff; just bought a laptop some months ago in China while am in Zambia, and only took 8 days using DHL and delivered at the door step on the actual 8th date. The shipping businesses understand very well how the world is becoming smaller every day.

Today students are graduating just by attending courses through internet, a few going abroad, a shift in the education sector.

Today you can even hire an accountant India at a cheaper labor than an accountant in your city.  Jobs are now competing globally, not locally, while most employees are still thinking locally, the government will create a job for me, this has ended today.

“In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exists” – Erick Hoofer, The True Believer

Today we are dating across continents, just some few hours away you are with mate girl friend.

Money world, you don’t need to seed money through envelopes, that’s old staff, they is mobile banking, no need of queuing up in the banks, you can even deposit money outside the bank on an ATM today. People in the Bank sector need to adapt more because a big change coming ahead will leave many bank employees unemployed.

I don’t need big offices to do the business I do, all I need is a laptop, a single room, internet, a phone, pen, papers, a printer, and do the business world wide. Today big projects are coming from small rooms.

The technological age has brought a change that people who are still thinking in the industrial age will find themselves dealing with the worlds that no longer exists. In technological world things are changing every after 18 months, even lesser. You attend a 5 years university degree only to graduate you are obsolete. People in the school world have to begin thinking informationally not memorynally; things are changing everyday not every after 5 years of having a degree. People cannot advance if they are holding on to old ideas, like school is still teaching students old obsolete information.

My writing business is not for my local city or country only, no; it’s a worldwide business. The only success guaranteed today is changing, learning new ideas and new ways of doing things, taking risks; it’s a never ending learning, that’s the secret to success today.

If you want to a start a business that should benefit more people, arm worldwide, the world is small today with internet connections and much easier today, but it requires more of your creativity.

“Change is the secret to success today”

– Maradona Chalwe