Religion Beliefs

Religion or churches are still planting seeds in children/people of wars and poverty. Teaching people that we are superior or not superior to that person, race, or color; that is planting seeds of evil, wars, and inferiority in people’s minds.

From my research I have found out that there is no right or superior religion; but their only learning religions, and if any religion picks up this philosophy that we are a learning religion not a right religion, am pretty sure for example way Muslims and Christians fight each other over silly stupid idiotic conflicts of thinking we are the right religion they would stop.

“There is no such thing as a right religion; we all learn from each other” – Mahatma Gandhi

Planting seeds of poverty in Christianity religion there is a saying that is in the bible that “The love of money is the root cause of evil”, has blinded so many people to live in poverty, to live poor lives, when actually what’s evil is not money, but man who becomes evil toward money.

It’s the lack of money that makes man evil towards money, not money. Lack is a negative vibration, and that negative vibration is what causes man to use money evil. For example, money is like a knife; you can use a knife to kill a person or use it to cut vegetables to cook and eat. It’s the lack of money that roots evil.

If your religion beliefs are causing you to have conflict with other people, making you poor, not making you to live your own life, making you be in conflict with other people, cut them, unlearn them; it’s high time you begin questioning those beliefs you just follow without thought. Question your religion beliefs, don’t just follow? You only get to change what you question.

School Beliefs 

The belief that go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying secure job with benefits, and a job will take care of you, is a worst obsolete form of belief and advice you can give your child or a person today in this internet technological information age today. Such an advice worked in the industrial age, but fading away in this information age; but parents, schools are still advising kids go to school, get good grades and look for a high paying job when we are having fewer and fewer jobs, and wages are coming down on the market place. I wander if a father or mother who does this to their child, if they think at all.

The purpose of school is to mass produce employees or slaves to work for the few rich people and become present and future customers to pay taxes to the government. The lie is that you have to go to school to become successful in life. Overcome such beliefs if you want to live your own life and become successful and happy with yourself. Only you can make yourself successful in life.

Today the world needs more entrepreneurs, not mass school produced employees who we have more than enough in our societies today; the only way you will make it successful today in our society to become an entrepreneur, to get financially educated.

Family Beliefs  

It does not mean if your friends, family are doing the same things, that means there right, no; you are not the whole of your family life, your life should be determined by yourself – you live the life you want from your heart, live the life you want, and not the life your family tells you to live.  

Think for yourself the life you want to live, and not because your father is a teacher, you should also become a teacher, No! My family mostly wants me to do what everyone is doing – and that pisses me off, because I want to live and do my own life I am free and have chosen to be, do, have and share. Most, majority of my family members are employees and want me too to become an employee, I don’t want, I have chosen to become an entrepreneur myself, and I love it. You are your life, not the life your family tells you to live.

If you want to experience a happy meaningful life, you have to be you; not what your family tells you to be, but what you want you yourself to live. Live your life.

Government Beliefs  

First of all what really puzzles me is that most people don’t really know and understand what a government really means and what it has been and is up to, to present, and to future.

Most people believe the government more especially financially, medically and social security will continual taking care and supporting them more especially after retirement like it has always been in the industrial age; but not today, our governments are broke.

Government employees, nurses, doctors, teachers, soldiers, police officers etc; still up to now believe the government will continual taking care of them forever through paychecks, pension, Medicare,  social-security which is actually fading away. It’s high time these guys begun taking care of their lives and financial life too.

Governments are broke now, that’s why we are hearing news that pensioners have not being given their pension investment money. Today Medicare or social-security accounts are bankrupt and have the highest debt; employees are unable to be paid on time; others for months; but still many employees believe the government will take care of me, which is an obsolete way of thinking today.

It’s time to take control of your life, your financial life and future too. The government has no enough money to support your life. You have your life in your own hands, not in the hands of religion, family, school or the government; it’s high time to begin thinking for oneself and to take control of your life.