Dreams are the measurement of what you will achieve within your lifetime, so why not dream big enough, go big enough, ask big enough in order to achieve and live big enough. Jack Canfield author of the ‘chicken soup source’ said, “The problem is that we don’t ask enough.” Nelson Mandela said, “The world doesn’t need more people play small.”

Of course the world is full of big ideal men and women out there, who can dream great things that can elevate and transform the world for a greater positive change to many people’s lives. Dreams that can and will change and improve this world far better than now; but one big problem the world has, it lacks more dream doers. 

The world needs more dreamers who have the courage and fortitude to be doers as well. I believe every one can dream, even though it’s a small dream; but it takes character and indomitable courage to overcome the dreaming and action burlier called fear to bring that dream to life. Fear of failure is man’s waste enemy to success, though it’s the fear of success that’s the greatest enemy for man. Others take a step on their dream, but along the way, lose the focus, lose the desire, lose that courage, and lose the perseverance, confidence and faith in oneself to persist to the end.

Fear to continue results into being a quitter that never wins, but those courageous to persist to the end, is what makes winners to the end. The courageous are people that never quit or give up on their dreams no matter the obstacles they face in their pursuit of their dreams; they always get what they want, no matter. Anything worth achieving takes mountains, thorns, focus, sacrifice and courage to pull through; successful people understand this fully actually.

ELon Musk said, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Successful people understand that the only way to conquer fear is to face that which you fear with a courageous heart and mind, and death of that fear will be certain.

In fact if you truly know what you want, you will do all it takes to have it, to make it real, or to make it come to you; at this stage fear never stops a man with such an attitude, lack of resources never stops a man with such an attitude, excuses is none of their business at this stage, he or she will do all it takes as long it’s done; all it requires for them is simply because that’s what is worthy for them and their world and that is what is really wanted badly for them; and all the universe does for such people is this, your wish is my command, have it my son or my daughter.  

The world needs more courageous and open ear dreamers who Mr. T.E. Lawrence said are needed that, “The dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make them possible.”

This has become common these days where young people surrounded with the plenty of available success information inspiring them to realize to self-actualization their big dreams and bring them to life which seem very difficult to many adult people who only rely on their jobs for everyday survival. The future is perceived different by the children of today than the old perceive it; many adults are still in the old and are failing to copy up with such faster changes of today.

Rich dad the late father to Robert Kiyosaki prophesied that in future young people just in school would be becoming rich millionaires and the evidence here now. His wisdom inspired Robert Kiyosaki to write and publish many of amazing books on financial wisdom and technological changes too, among the best and classic book is “Conspiracy of the rich” which even inspired me to achieve more of my Self-actualization and mental shift into technological adaptation.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination (dream) is more important than knowledge” Hanz Florentino an entrepreneur, writer, visit www.hanzflorentino.com sent me a book “Millionaire-Student” where interviews of young millionaire entrepreneurs where shared, one of them is Mark Tongshuai Bao, who has built 11 companies and 3 foundations and many more today.

“Mark had his first encounter with entrepreneurship in the fifth grade. He used visual basic 6.0 write a simple computer application that managed his homework assignments and helped him write school papers. Then he copied the program onto floppy discs and sold them to his friends.

His first start-up came in his first year of high school. Debate wave.com was an event management system for debate organizations. Eventually, mark and his business partner sold it to the largest debate organizations in the United States. Mark launched 11 web-based companies and sold three of them, along with three non-profit. Some of his products include Tickr Talk, the Ramamia foundation, class leaf, and Avecora – a technology network, launched 2013 and many more today, based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Avecora added Mark Bao as president and CEO.

Mark Bao said, my goal is to change and enlighten the world, by building meaningful companies that change how we live. My preliminary life goal right now is to donate 80% to humanitarian aid and research. Since my life goal for my career is to earn $10 billion that would be $8 billion. Another $10 will go to the Mark Bao foundation, where we manage research grants and lobby for better funding for NASA and the National Institute of Health. Another 5% will go to funding start-ups, helping them to grow. For more information of Mark Tongshuai Bao, projects visit his website, http://markbao.com.

It doesn’t matter how young you are, what counts is, if you can think, you can dream big dreams and bring them to life. For example, Young millionaire Musician Justin Drew Bieber set his Music dream big into reality at age 12, made it among the youngest star in music industry, and he sang this inspiring song, ‘Never say never’ which inspired millions of people including me too to never give up on my dreams as a writer, but to persist until my dreams are fulfilled. For more of Justin Bieber songs visit, www.justinbiebarmusic.com

In addition, Stanley Tang, a young Teach Entrepreneur, Designer, Product Thinker, and Author. In December of 2008, published a book “eMillions” which rocketed straight to the top of the Amazon Best-Seller. At just 14 years old, Stanley was the world’s youngest best-selling author. In his interview, he concluded by encouraging young people saying; “To all the young entrepreneurs out there, just go out there and take action. Take a risk. Follow your passion. The best time to take actions is when you’re a teenager. You have got nothing to lose. If your business fails, so what? You’ve always got your parents and your school to fall back on. Later in life, it’s going to be harder because you will have responsibilities, like a family. Now is the best time to take action. Stanley has continued to inspire people on his site, www.Stanleytang.com.”

Each of these above people never achieved their success by accident. In the beginning, they had a dream, a goal, a vision, a purpose, an aspiration etc; and took courageous action to make that come true. 

Therefore, you can never become a success in life if you don’t know what you want out of your life. Knowing what you want in life gives meaning of your life and where you want to go. It gives you a goal to hint your success target. Without knowing what you want, you don’t know what success will mean to you, and that’s why most people end up in the rat race employee trap as Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know where you are when you get there?” Most employees don’t know where they are going; all they mind is where their jobs or employer takes them, not where they want to take themselves, what a shame.

The most important thing about dreams is to bring them to life; if you don’t you will attract only confusion; and the enemy of a dreamer is inaction that manifest confusion called regret, insanity and imbecility.

What is a dream? A dream is an inspiring picture of your imagined future end already inner experienced, that energies your mind, will, emotions and empowers you to do everything you can to bring it into reality.

A dream is a measurement of what you will achieve with your lifetime, so why dream small when your achievement is the measurement of your dreams? Dream Big, Do Big, Go Big, Feel Big, and you will Live Big, what you can achieve in life is limited by how far you can dream.

Therefore, Dream Big, Do Big, Go Big, Feel Big, and you will Live Big. You are the best you have got, dream big dreams and live large lives. The world needs you, needs your big dreams so badly that it knows you will make it better when you act on them, when you bring them to life. Dream it big and do it to live it big and enjoy it big, life on this earth is only one target.